Ukulele Tuner 2.0.7 APK by Mr Fixit

download Ukulele Tuner apk
download Ukulele Tuner apk

Simple tuning fork like application for Ukuleles. Ukulele Tuner is offered by Mr Fixit. Last Updated: August 13, 2012. Current Version: 2.0.7

*Advert free version available*

This Ukulele tuner is designed to be used like a tuning fork or tuning pipe.
Simply select if you want either to play a single note or a continuous note.

Currently only supports standard GCEA tuning, Full Step Up and Full Step Down.

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For novices a simple graphic has been added to aid the tuning process.

Ad Supported

Thai Language Support

Latest Updates


1.1.3 – Removed Gray Drop down box in middle of screen. (For future update)

1.1.4 – Bug Fix

2.0.0 – Added Support for two different tunings (Full Step Up and Down)

2.0.1 – Fixed error in Thai translation, Reduced App size in general

2.0.2 – Revisions

2.0.3 – Fixed small bug, changed icon

2.0.4 – Fixed issue with tablets

2.0.5 – Further fixes for tablets

2.0.6 – Further fixes for tablets

2.0.7 – Reduced number of Permissions/Fixes for cheaper tablets


Ukulele Tuner 2017

Download Ukulele Tuner

Download Ukulele Tuner APK

Ukulele Tuner for Android

Download Ukulele Tuner for Android

Download Ukulele Tuner APK for Android

Ukulele Tuner 2.0.7 screenshot

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