Download Splash Radio NJ APK lastest version for Android

download Splash Radio NJ apk
download Splash Radio NJ apk

Bridging the gap. Splash Radio NJ is offered by Streamjamz Media. Last Updated: June 07, 2014. Current Version: 1.3

Newly updated Splash Radio App, Turn your Android phone into a music station!! Just tune in for the best in urban music, for all your Dancehall, Reggae, hip-hop, pop and R&B. Best of all it absolutly free, so check us out and ennjoy Bridging the Gap All over the world


Splash Radio NJ 2017

Download Splash Radio NJ APK

Splash Radio NJ for Android

Download Splash Radio NJ for Android

Download Splash Radio NJ APK for Android

Splash Radio NJ 1.3 screenshot

Splash Radio NJ screenshot 0Splash Radio NJ screenshot 1Splash Radio NJ screenshot 2Splash Radio NJ screenshot 3

Download apk file:

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Download Listen Music Free 3.2 by Potential Apps for Android

download Listen Music Free apk
download Listen Music Free apk

Listen and listen music ¡Now FREE!. Listen Music Free is offered by Potential Apps. Last Updated: June 07, 2014. Current Version: 3.2

Play free online music, and it is possible ! Download the app is totally free. Find the latest songs played in the clubs , in the car , in the house next door .

Search, Play your favorite music anywhere in the world with the offline mode.

You can create , edit and delete your Favorite Playlist where you can download music and listen quietly , plus look for categories, songs, albums , artists and playlists.

Play your music or Repeat Randomly one you like , listen to music without boundaries. Share it with your friends on social networks.

Find your music, alternative , Christian , dance , instrumental, electronic , metal, pop , reggae, reggaeton , rock , romantic , salsa and trance!

Help us improve by giving us the highest possible score you consider .

This application is totally legal thanks to the SoundCloud API .

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Listen Music Free 2017

Download Listen Music Free APK for Android

Listen Music Free 3.2 screenshot

Listen Music Free screenshot 0Listen Music Free screenshot 1Listen Music Free screenshot 2Listen Music Free screenshot 3Listen Music Free screenshot 4Listen Music Free screenshot 5Listen Music Free screenshot 6Listen Music Free screenshot 7Listen Music Free screenshot 8Listen Music Free screenshot 9Listen Music Free screenshot 10Listen Music Free screenshot 11Listen Music Free screenshot 12Listen Music Free screenshot 13Listen Music Free screenshot 14Listen Music Free screenshot 15

See more information and download apk file for android:

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Punjabi Radio FM 1.0 for Android

Punjabi Radio FM download
Punjabi Radio FM download

Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices. Punjabi Radio FM is offered by init store. Last Updated: June 07, 2014. Current Version: 1.0

Punjabi Radio FM Play online radio stations. Its cool app for punjabi music listeners because it contains all the punjabi channels. All the stations are free you can listen to them anywhere anytime.
Channels are as follows:

Radio City 24
Xl Radio Gurbani 24X7
Radio Chan Pardesi
Desi Mix Radio
Non Stop Punjabi Radio
Radio Dil APna Punjabi
Radio Dhamaal(Canada)
Khalsa Fm
Bol Punjabi Radio
FM Virsa Punjabi
Jashan Radio
Dhol Radio 24X7
Punjabi Radio Italy
Rangla Punjab

You can even listen to gurbani in some of our channels.
Listen it ! Share it

Tags: Punjabi Radio, Punjabi music


Punjabi Radio FM 2017

Download Punjabi Radio FM for Android

Download Punjabi Radio FM APK for Android

Punjabi Radio FM 1.0 screenshot

Punjabi Radio FM screenshot 0Punjabi Radio FM screenshot 1Punjabi Radio FM screenshot 2Punjabi Radio FM screenshot 3Punjabi Radio FM screenshot 4Punjabi Radio FM screenshot 5Punjabi Radio FM screenshot 6Punjabi Radio FM screenshot 7

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Music Theory By MusicHorizon Latest Version APK for Android

download Music Theory By MusicHorizon apk
download Music Theory By MusicHorizon apk

Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices. Music Theory By MusicHorizon is offered by MusicHorizon. Last Updated: June 07, 2014. Current Version: 1.1

MusicHorizon App allows you to view sheet music compositions, song covers, notations and an all new music theory tutorial right on your android phone. Install the app to know more.
Please post your feedback to help improve this app.

What’s New

All new UI with additional content integration from our youtube channel, twitter and rss feeds. Advertisements removed for better user experience.

Update on 07-Jun-2014: Better UI, bug fixes and push notifications features.


Music Theory By MusicHorizon 2017

Download Music Theory By MusicHorizon APK for Android

Music Theory By MusicHorizon 1.1 screenshot

Music Theory By MusicHorizon screenshot 0Music Theory By MusicHorizon screenshot 1Music Theory By MusicHorizon screenshot 2Music Theory By MusicHorizon screenshot 3Music Theory By MusicHorizon screenshot 4Music Theory By MusicHorizon screenshot 5

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Chromiano Latest Version APK for Android

download Chromiano apk
download Chromiano apk

The variably chromatic piano-like synthesizer!. Chromiano is offered by GnomeDome Studios. Last Updated: June 07, 2014. Current Version: 1.1

Looking for an audio synthesizer that can adapt to different tunes? With Chromiano, you’re always playing in key. Experiment with various styles without needing to memorize the correct notes. Perform a seamless glissando by just sliding over the grid. Choose a tonic note with any musical scale, from chromatic to major, minor, pentatonic, and beyond! In addition to several presets, you can toggle any of the twelve semitones to play in a custom scale. Choose a synth instrument from multiple oscillator types including sine, triangle, square, and sawtooth. Will support several more features in future versions.

Latest Updates

Version 1.1 – Multi-touch is now supported! Up to 6 notes can be played at once. Many other features are still planned for the future, including wider grid range, user-defined presets, custom colors, and more.


Chromiano 2017

Chromiano 1.1 screenshot

Chromiano screenshot 0Chromiano screenshot 1Chromiano screenshot 2Chromiano screenshot 3Chromiano screenshot 4

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Portable ORG PRO Unlocker Latest Version APK for Android

Portable ORG PRO Unlocker apk
Portable ORG PRO Unlocker apk

Portable Oriental Keyboard Ad-Free Version Unlocker. Portable ORG PRO Unlocker is offered by FSM SOFT. Last Updated: June 07, 2014. Current Version: 1.1

• This is the ad-free (full) version unlocker for Portable Oriental Keyboard.
• You will get rid of all ads by purchasing and installing this unlocker.
• This unlocker only removes ads.
• This application don’t show any icon in the applications drawer.
• Please install the free version of Portable Oriental Keyboard before installing this unlocker.
• After installation, please restart Portable Oriental Keyboard app. After restarting the app, ads will disappear.

Sale! Special Prize for first 500 users! The price will be increased after 500 downloads. Don’t miss the oppurtunity!

You can install free version of the app from the download link below:

Portable Oriental Keyboard allows you to play piano, guitar, qanun, oud, tanbur . Enjoy realistic high-quality instruments on your tablet and phone. You can play styles (rhythms) while playing instruments. You can adjust the number of visible keys (width of keys) and select the visible octave and keys.

Qanun, oud and tanbur are great sounding stringed instruments commonly used in Arabic, Turkish, Greek and Middle Eastern / Oriental music. Portable Oriental Keyboard is designed for tablets and phones.

The application has a digital piano (portable keyboard) view with a blue virtual LCD.


6/8 Pop
Slow Pop

What’s New

Sale! Special Prize for first 100 users! The price will be increased after 100 downloads. Don’t miss the oppurtunity!


Portable ORG PRO Unlocker 2017

Portable ORG PRO Unlocker 1.1 screenshot

Portable ORG PRO Unlocker screenshot 0Portable ORG PRO Unlocker screenshot 1Portable ORG PRO Unlocker screenshot 2

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DrumCloud – Total Free Sampler – Drum Cloud your music production tool, totally free as launch offer.

DrumCloud - Total Free Sampler

Drum Cloud your music production tool, totally free as launch offer.

DrumCloud - Total Free Sampler screenshot 0DrumCloud - Total Free Sampler screenshot 1DrumCloud - Total Free Sampler screenshot 2DrumCloud - Total Free Sampler screenshot 3DrumCloud - Total Free Sampler screenshot 4DrumCloud - Total Free Sampler screenshot 5DrumCloud - Total Free Sampler screenshot 6DrumCloud - Total Free Sampler screenshot 7DrumCloud - Total Free Sampler screenshot 8DrumCloud - Total Free Sampler screenshot 9DrumCloud - Total Free Sampler screenshot 10DrumCloud - Total Free Sampler screenshot 11

Drum Cloud is an free audio app that hybrids between a drum machine (sampler) and a simple sequencer.

NEW !!!

Now DrumCloud it´s totally free and without ads. Furthermore you can collaborate on the project by using out GitHub repository:


■ 16 sampler drum pads
■ extended sequencer mode
■ extended automator sampler mode
■ multitouch, multidrag
■ pad pressure sensitive
■ multimode sampler/sequencer/recorder
■ supports .wav,.aiff (all bit-depths and frequencies)
■ load multiple samples at once
■ load samples from SD, internal storage or internet (Google Drive)
■ share your samples (Google Drive)
■ auto-normalize simultaneous samples
■ 16 sounds polyphony
■ File load/save (midi format)
■ Send your composition by email (to continue your production on your preferred desktop DAW)
■ MIDI controller (sender, receiver)
■ MIDI over WiFi, Bluetooth, ADB, USB host…
■ totally free


Creative multitouch sampler mode. Controls available:

– Main working mode menu [ON RELEASE]
– 4 animated rotatory knobs
– 2 submenus, one to select the current modified parameter and one to stop each of the samples.
– 4 click-drag zones, one for each sample type

Main working schemes: HOLD and STOP. When on HOLD mode the samples doesn’t get stopped when you release the touch on the click-drag zones, on the contrary the STOP mode needs one or more fingers pressed on the click zones to get sound.

The 4 rotatory knobs control the repetition loop amount of each sample type (update when you touch again the corresponding touch zone). The LOOP submenu option changes automatically the value of this knobs when you drag up and down on the click zones.

The parameter submenu has the following options available: [ VOLUME | SAMPLE | LOOP | PITCH ] all of these are totally self-explanatory.

The delete submenu allows you to remove the selected sound type to a . It’s only available on the HOLD mode.

The 4 click-drag zones are the main core the Automator mode. They are “multi-dragable” to allow you to modify 2, 3 or 4 parameters at the same time. Try all the modes combinations to find your prefered one.

Hint: to get better touch screen response try to avoid the interference caused by the near finger contact.


Basic sampler mode. Can be used in the default recording mode to compose simple loops using the different color pads:

Red pads: KICKS (K1,K2,K3,K4)
Orange pads: BASS (B1,B2,B3,B4)
Blue pads: SNARE and SIMILAR (S1,S2,S3,S4)
Green pads: HIT HATS and SIMILAR (H1,H2,H3,H4)

Using the upper-left slider you can increase or decrease the current BPM that’s defaults to 120.

Using the LOAD button you can access your local stored samples or loading your preferred ones amongst the hundreds available on the CLOUD (from Google Drive storage). Feel free to share your founded or recorded sample with the app community to improved the sounds repertory.

Pressing the PLAY button you can switch from RECORDING to PAUSED mode to disable the recording and playback of the samples and allows you to use the Drum Cloud in a normal live instrument way.

Using the middle-top vertical sliders you can control various global audio parameters.

You can switch from LIVE to SEQUENCER mode using the app menu, located on the bottom-right of the screen.


Using the sequencer view you can scroll horizontally/vertically and zoom in/out to get a more easy approach to exact sample triggering.

Clicking on any of the rectangles of the grid enable/disable the launch of each samples organized by sample type using different colors.

On the sequencer mini-map you can see your actual location and the location of the enabled samples.

Enjoy making your MUSIC with your new audio DRUM SAMPLER…

Download apk file: