Radio Balla Balla lastest version for Android

Radio Balla Balla download
Radio Balla Balla download

Completely different music!. Radio Balla Balla is offered by Stella srl. Last Updated: April 30, 2015. Current Version: 1.4

Radio Balla Balla is the last born of the issuer Group Riviera Radio, Radio Azzurra The project is the brainchild of a well-known entrepreneur origins Calabresi, a veteran of the air broadcasts and FM, founder of the famous company ‘WAVE SOUTH, who cultivated by time the idea to create a radio station that would operate throughout the south, even managing to make the same Radio Azzurra one of reality ‘best known and respected throughout the south Italia.Unendo forces with various collaborators of which uses globally with offices, cities ‘and regions of the South, born the fruitful collaboration with the great radio Southern covering several city’ of southern Sicily, Calabria, Basilicata, Campania and Puglia.


Radio Balla Balla 2017

Download Radio Balla Balla APK for Android

Radio Balla Balla 1.4 screenshot

Radio Balla Balla screenshot 0Radio Balla Balla screenshot 1

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Download Guitar Notes Master APK lastest version by Pett Software Limited

Guitar Notes Master apk
Guitar Notes Master apk

Learn notes, chords, scales and arpeggios with this guitar fretboard tutor. Guitar Notes Master is offered by Pett Software Limited. Last Updated: April 30, 2015. Current Version: 1.0

Built by guitarists for guitarists, this fretboard tutor app will help you rapidly develop your guitar playing skills.

Maximize your practice time by using this app to learn the fundamentals of guitar fretboard theory: note positions, intervals, chords, scales and arpeggios – even away from your guitar!

The lessons included in Guitar Notes Master cover the spectrum of fretboard knowledge from learning the basics of open strings and finding individual notes up to complex extended chords, modes and other advanced scales. The key areas taught in the lessons are:

– Open Strings
– Root Shapes
– Note Names and Finding Notes on the Fretboard
– Major and Minor Scales*
– Pentatonic Scales*
– Pentatonic Lead Patterns*
– Intervals*
– Triads – Arpeggios and Chords*
– Seventh Arpeggios and Chords*
– Other Chord Types*: Extended (e.g. 9th, 11th), Suspended Chords, 6, 6/9, Add9, Slash Chords and Power Chords
Modes – Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Locrian
– Other Scales*: Blues Scales, Harmonic and Melodic Minor, Phrygian Dominant Mode, Whole Tone and Diminished Scales

( * = Premium lesson available via in-app purchase)

No previous knowledge is assumed, so Guitar Notes Master is suitable for both beginning and more experienced guitarists, and it makes a great companion to formal lessons with a teacher or other learning resources that cover the other elements of guitar playing such as good technique and rhythm.

The Practice screen is used to enforce everything that you’ve learned in the lessons by generating thousands of practice questions that you can use to test your knowledge and burn the fretboard theory into your mind. But unlike most “fretboard training” applications, these exercises don’t just ask you to find random notes or reproduce scale patterns from memory. Instead, they are carefully structured to reinforce the lesson content and build your fretboard knowledge logically.

As you complete lessons, Guitar Notes Master will automatically add exercise sets that include questions on the topics of each lesson to your Practice List. When you’re ready to practice, simply load up Guitar Notes Master and switch to the Practice screen. Guitar Notes Master will quiz you with random questions from your current practice list to help you memorize everything you’ve learnt so far. Of course, once you’re confident with a particular lesson then you can remove it from your practice list, ensuring that your practice questions are always tailored to your needs and making your learning as efficient as possible.

Performing practice exercises on the Virtual Fretboard also has the advantage that you can focus on fretboard theory in isolation without the distractions caused by technique, rhythm and tone issues that you might also be dealing with on a physical guitar, allowing you to get the fretboard knowledge clear in your head before you are ready to transfer it to your guitar.

With all of the practice taking place on the Virtual Fretboard, you can practice at any time you can use your phone or tablet, even when you can’t play your guitar. This can really speed up your development as a guitarist, enabling you to maximize your practice time even with the busiest of schedules.

Effective learning can be encouraged by practicing little and often, so the Guitar Notes Master method encourages you to quickly launch the app and start practicing for short periods throughout the day. Couple this with regular structured practice sessions on your guitar and you should see your playing ability rocket!


Guitar Notes Master 2017

Download Guitar Notes Master APK for Android

Guitar Notes Master 1.0 screenshot

Guitar Notes Master screenshot 0Guitar Notes Master screenshot 1Guitar Notes Master screenshot 2Guitar Notes Master screenshot 3Guitar Notes Master screenshot 4Guitar Notes Master screenshot 5Guitar Notes Master screenshot 6

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Nursery Rhymes Sleeping Music Latest Version APK for Android

Nursery Rhymes Sleeping Music download
Nursery Rhymes Sleeping Music download

Relaxing baby sleeping music nursery rhymes for children lullaby songs for kids. Nursery Rhymes Sleeping Music is offered by Casual Games and Apps. Last Updated: April 30, 2015. Current Version: 1.0

Are you too one of those parents who have trouble with putting the baby to sleep? Try playing “soothing nursery songs for babies” and you will see how your sweet little child falls asleep in just a few minutes! ♬Nursery Rhymes Sleeping Music♬ is a magnificent kids songs collection, which includes best sleeping lullabies music combined with educative nursery rhymes, and it is suitable for children of all ages – babies, toddlers or preschoolers. Provide your kid with relaxing music to sleep to, and treat yourself with a solid night’s rest as well!

✰ “Nursery rhymes” for babies, toddlers and preschoolers!
✰ Collection of best lullabies and “sleeping music for kids”!
✰ Perfect soothing sounds to sleep to!
✰ Play the rhymes all night long, or set a timer at five, fifteen or thirty minutes, or one, two or three hours!
✰ Help your kid fall asleep in no time!

If you are a new parent looking for an easy way to lull your baby into a sleep, Nursery Rhymes Sleeping Music is the right choice! It contains a variety of “baby sleeping music” and world’s best lullabies which soothe an infant to a deep and sound dream instantly. Download this new free app with lullabies for babies for your Android™ smartphone or tablet and see it for yourself – play nursery rhymes list and watch your kid doze off in a second! Let your toddler or preschool children get accustomed to sleeping in the company of “relaxing music for sleeping”, and bedtime will become their favorite part of the day. Introduce healthy sleeping habits to your newborn baby without effort – have this “free nursery rhymes box” in your phone and play “lullabies for kids” over and over again. Lullaby sleep music ensures the sense of well-being to newborns, and provides infants with long and profound dream.

♫ ♪♯♪♫☽ ♪♯♪♫ ☽♪♯♪♫ ♪♯♪

“Sleeping lullaby music for kids” is believed to emerge musical talent and creativity in children, and sleeping with nature sounds and white noise can positively affect the development of kids’ nervous system. Besides, nursery children rhymes and lullabies are a good way for your toddler child to pick up some new toddler songs lyrics and rhymes. “Nursery Rhymes Sleeping Music” offers list of nursery rhymes and baby lullabies music whose purpose is manifold – toddlers adore listening to funny rhymes and repeating the lullaby lyrics, and when they get tired, the soothing music for babies lulls your dear toddler in no time. Kids of the preschool age simply adore this sleeping music app – cute backgrounds that come with the nursery rhymes box attract their attention, and the lyrics and rhymes of the lullabies for babies stay to children as one of the sweetest memories from their childhood.

♫ ♪♯♪♫☽ ♪♯♪♫ ☽♪♯♪♫ ♪♯♪

Nursery Rhymes Sleeping Music is not only for kids! Apart from babies, toddlers and preschoolers, it is more than beneficial for the adults, too! Listen to soothing nursery songs and let the relaxing lullaby music free your weary mind of worries. Dream like a baby, and wake up relaxed and full of energy, like your kids do! Don’t ever spend a restless night – wish your baby kid good night and sweet dreams, hush them with baby lullaby music, and let yourself be carried away to dreamland by the “songs for babies and toddlers”! Rhyme with your kid some nursery or lullaby lyrics, and let the music for children bring you back to the time you were a child. Baby music and nursery rhymes are the cure for troublesome nights. Wait no more and download this app with lullabies for kids, now!


Nursery Rhymes Sleeping Music 2017

Nursery Rhymes Sleeping Music 1.0 screenshot

Nursery Rhymes Sleeping Music screenshot 0Nursery Rhymes Sleeping Music screenshot 1Nursery Rhymes Sleeping Music screenshot 2Nursery Rhymes Sleeping Music screenshot 3Nursery Rhymes Sleeping Music screenshot 4Nursery Rhymes Sleeping Music screenshot 5Nursery Rhymes Sleeping Music screenshot 6

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Sri Ganesh Aarti Latest Version APK for Android

Sri Ganesh  Aarti download
Sri Ganesh Aarti download

Ganesh Ji Aarti LWP is live wallpaper for Shri Hanuman Ji Devotee. Sri Ganesh Aarti is offered by Ravi Bob. Last Updated: April 30, 2015. Current Version: 1.0

Ganesh Ji Aarti LWP is live wallpaper for Shri Hanuman Ji Devotee.
GaneshJi Aarti LWP is developed with many features-
—Collection of GaneshJi Photos

—Auto Animation of Ganesh Ji Aarti

—Play and pause Aarti

—Play Shankh sound

—Play Ghanti sound

—Download Ganesh Ji Aarti LWP FREE


Sri Ganesh Aarti 2017

Download Sri Ganesh Aarti for Android

Download Sri Ganesh Aarti APK for Android

Sri Ganesh Aarti 1.0 screenshot

Sri Ganesh  Aarti screenshot 0Sri Ganesh  Aarti screenshot 1Sri Ganesh  Aarti screenshot 2Sri Ganesh  Aarti screenshot 3

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Instant Baby Sleep Music Box Latest Version APK for Android

Instant Baby Sleep Music Box download
Instant Baby Sleep Music Box download

Lullaby songs lyrics for kids nursery rhymes music box sleeping music for babies. Instant Baby Sleep Music Box is offered by Casual Games and Apps. Last Updated: April 30, 2015. Current Version: 1.0

Your baby is clean and fed, but you can find no way to put it to sleep? Singing lullabies to children is proven to be a safe way to sweet dreams, and now you can play sleep songs for kids whenever and wherever you want, with the help of ♪Instant Baby Sleep Music Box♪. This free music app for cell phones and tablets contains a playlist of soothing sounds for babies and popular nursery rhymes that babies, toddlers and preschoolers simply adore! Try playing “baby sleep songs” through the night and your kid will fall asleep instantly! Wish your little infant a good night, press a button and let free baby lullaby songs be played on your phone all night long!

✪ Best baby sleep songs & bedtime songs for kids!
✪ Put your little baby or toddler to sleep instantly!
✪ Free music box app for your mobile phone!
✪ Set the timer, choose an interval from five or fifteen minutes, up to three hours, or let it play throughout the night!
✪ Soothing music and sweet lullaby lyrics!
✪ “How do I get a baby to sleep” is a question that will never pop in your mind again!

Babies and small children need a lot of continuous sleep, but sometimes they simply don’t want to go to bed. “Instant Baby Sleep Music Box” consists of relaxing sleeping melodies which will help your kid calm down and go to sleep instantaneously. Soothing sounds of “baby bedtime songs” and lullabies cause sleepiness and help kids fall into a dream in a moment. Get troublesome and sleepless nights over with, put your newborn in the crib, place this “baby sleep music box” in its room, set a timer or let it play all night long, and be sure that your kid will have long hours of sound dream. Ensure that your little kids and toddlers go to bed in time without singing lullabies for yourself, and make bedtime a pleasure. Kids lullaby music does wonders for your dream, too. Bring yourself back to childhood and let be soothed and lulled into a sweet dream like a lamb.

♪♯♪♫ ♪♯♪♫ ♪♯♪♫

Lullaby songs for babies and toddlers boxes usually contain sweet relaxing music that positively affects your kids’ nervous system. Moreover, playing beautiful nursery rhymes and “lullabies for toddlers” to children from an early age is useful for the development of kids’ musical talents and sense of rhythm. This “free music box for babies” offers you plenty of nursery music and rhymes which consist of beautiful lullaby lyrics. These kids’ rhymes and lyrics box will “lull your baby to sleep in an instant”, and toddlers and preschoolers will learn them by heart, sharing them with their toddler friends as something they are proud of. Songs to put a baby to sleep instantly are here for you, in this free app with goodnight lullabies and sweet dreams music for kids and adults. Download Instant Baby Sleep Music Box and have your children go to sleep in a real instant!

♪♯♪♫ ♪♯♪♫ ♪♯♪♫

Kids just love lullabies, so give them the pleasure of listening to beautiful nursery rhymes, songs for children and goodnight lyrics! This music box easy to download, do it this instant and you’ll get a perfect combination of “sleeping music” and kids lullabies accompanied with educative rhymes and lyrics that will solve all your night problems. Help yourself with nights and nights of long and sound dream, thanks to the “baby music box” with lullabies and songs for bedtime. No matter if your kid is an infant, a toddler or a preschool boy or girl, download Instant Baby Sleep Music Box, a free app with soothing lullaby music and have an enjoyable bedtime and sweet dreams.


Instant Baby Sleep Music Box 2017

Download Instant Baby Sleep Music Box APK for Android

Instant Baby Sleep Music Box 1.0 screenshot

Instant Baby Sleep Music Box screenshot 0Instant Baby Sleep Music Box screenshot 1Instant Baby Sleep Music Box screenshot 2Instant Baby Sleep Music Box screenshot 3Instant Baby Sleep Music Box screenshot 4Instant Baby Sleep Music Box screenshot 5Instant Baby Sleep Music Box screenshot 6

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Flaix App Latest Version APK for Android

download Flaix App apk
download Flaix App apk

FLAIX APP uneix per primera vegada Flaix FM i Ràdio Flaixbac!. Flaix App is offered by Grupflaix. Last Updated: April 30, 2015. Current Version: 1.3

FLAIX APP uneix per primera vegada les dues emissores del grup musical més important del país: Flaix FM i Ràdio Flaixbac!

FLAIX APP! Per fi una sola aplicació et permet portar a la butxaca tot el Poder del Ritme, tots els èxits de la Ràdio Musical de Catalunya. I tot, amb un munt de novetats que ni t’imagines!

Per fi una sola APP per dominar-les totes! Ja és aquí: Flaix APP!!

FLAIX APP és molt més que una aplicació musical. Escull la teva emissora preferida i desperta’t cada dia amb ella gràcies a l’alarma.

A més, consulta totes les novetats relacionades amb l’actualitat musical, descobreix tots els esdeveniments que t’esperen els pròxims dies, recupera i escolta tantes vegades com vulguis els teus programes preferits amb el Podcast, connecta’t amb les nostres xarxes socials sense deixar d’escoltar-nos i envia’ns notes de veu directament, fent servir un sol botó!

Més fàcil, més intuïtiva, i més poderosa que mai! FLAIX APP!

What’s New

Millorada la compatibilitat amb Android 5.0


Flaix App 2017

Download Flaix App APK for Android

Flaix App 1.3 screenshot

Flaix App screenshot 0Flaix App screenshot 1Flaix App screenshot 2Flaix App screenshot 3

Download apk file:

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