Download Hawk Sounds lastest version for Android

Hawk Sounds download
Hawk Sounds download

Hawk Sound and Hawk Ringtone. Hawk Sounds is offered by birdDev. Last Updated: August 13, 2016. Current Version: 1.4

Hawks were named among the most intelligent birds based on this scale. Hawks are believed to have vision as good as 20/2, about eight times more acute than humans with good eyesight.


Hawk Sounds 2017

Download Hawk Sounds APK for Android

Hawk Sounds 1.4 screenshot

Hawk Sounds screenshot 0Hawk Sounds screenshot 1Hawk Sounds screenshot 2

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Gecko Sounds lastest version for Android

download Gecko Sounds apk
download Gecko Sounds apk

Gecko Sound and Gecko Ringtone. Gecko Sounds is offered by birdDev. Last Updated: August 13, 2016. Current Version: 1.5

“Gecko” is the common name for any of about 65 species of small lizards. They are unique among lizards in their ability to make chirping or clicking sounds. The name “gecko” is a derivative of a Malay word that is an imitation of a lizard’s call.


Gecko Sounds 2017

Download Gecko Sounds for Android

Download Gecko Sounds APK for Android

Gecko Sounds 1.5 screenshot

Gecko Sounds screenshot 0Gecko Sounds screenshot 1Gecko Sounds screenshot 2

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Afşin FM 1.0 APK by Radyo Hizmeti

Afşin FM download
Afşin FM download

Afshar FM Official Android Application Online .. Afşin FM is offered by Radyo Hizmeti. Last Updated: August 13, 2016

December 16, 1993 CALL FM broadcast the name, we begin our lives. In 1993, it abolished the public monopoly on radio and television broadcasts made constitutional amendments is given the opportunity to make special radio and television broadcasts.

Repealed regulating private radio and television broadcasting 3984 Radio and Television Enterprises and Their Broadcasts About the entry into force of the Law in 1994, on July 14, 1994 corporated RTÜK to broadcast licenses have made the application.

Our radio continues broadcasting with the name change on June 22, 2003 I was doing with his life AFŞİN FM logo. Our radio is broadcast mainly in Turkish pop music, Turkish folk, arabesque and also with classical music program

Continuous principled, honorable and broadcast content from the 104.5 FM frequency band, especially Afşin, Elbistan, Göksun, Ekinözü, surrounding villages and towns relax with interest and admiration. It is also the voice of the whole world from its official website.

AFŞİN FM listeners with quality music provides the correct usage of Turkish and stay longer in the 104.5 frequency. Four professional associations of Turkey (MESAM, MUYAP, MÜYORB and MSG) paying royalties, one of the first broadcasters in the local sense.

RATEM member also has an institutional structure which AFŞİN FM.

What’s New

• Bildirim Özelliği Eklendi. (Push Notification)

• Arayüz Geliştirmeleri ve Uygulamanın İşleyişini Etkileyen Hatalar Giderildi.

• Android 5.0 Desteği Eklendi.

• Güvenilirlik ve Hız için Geliştirmeler Yapıldı.

• Genel Düzenlemeler ve Performans İyileştirme Çalışmaları Yapıldı.


Afşin FM 2017

Afşin FM APK

Download Afşin FM

Download Afşin FM APK

Afşin FM for Android

Download Afşin FM for Android

Download Afşin FM APK for Android

Afşin FM screenshot

Afşin FM screenshot 0Afşin FM screenshot 1Afşin FM screenshot 2Afşin FM screenshot 3

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Download Radios di Italia 1.0 APK by AmericaApp

download Radios di Italia apk
download Radios di Italia apk

Installare the radius nostra applicazione avere tutte le paese radio. Radios di Italia is offered by AmericaApp. Last Updated: August 13, 2016. Current Version: 1.0

The applicazione nostra has a high contenuto di tutte le più ascoltata Radio nel nostro Paese


Radio Italia
Rai Radio 1
Rai Radio 2
Rai Radio 3
Rai Radiofd 4
Rai Radiofd 5
Rai WebRadio 6
Rai WebRadio 7
RAI WebRadio 8
Rai Isoradio
Rai GrParlamento
Radio Italia Anni 60
Radio Antenna Uno
Touring FM Sicily
Radio Popolare
Radio Piu
Radio Monte Carlo
98.6 Radio Mia
Radio Fantastica
Radio Cuore
Radio Dimensione Suono
Radio Rock
Radio 105 Network
Online Radio
Radio Studio 95
Radio DeeGay
Radio Padova
Radio Catania
Alfa Radio
Radio Onda Libera
Radio L Olgiata
Radio Smile
Radio Cortina
Radio Dolomiti
Radio Citta Aperta
Radio Pico
Radio Pico Classic
Radio Blackout
Radio MPA
Radio Norba
Due Tua Punto Radio
Radio Studio 2000
Radio Conegliano
Radio Incontro Italy
Radio Incontro Sport
Radio Mach 5
Radio Budrio
Radio 3 Network
Radio Hinterland
201 Web Radio
Radio Nuova
Radio Siena
Radio Company
Radio Magic
Radio Magic 2
Radio Adige
Radio Mater
Radio Città Futura
Radio Maria

Latest Updates

radio actualizada agosto 2016.


Radios di Italia 2017

Radios di Italia APK

Download Radios di Italia

Download Radios di Italia APK

Radios di Italia for Android

Download Radios di Italia for Android

Download Radios di Italia APK for Android

Radios di Italia 1.0 screenshot

Radios di Italia screenshot 0Radios di Italia screenshot 1Radios di Italia screenshot 2Radios di Italia screenshot 3Radios di Italia screenshot 4

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Copa América Centenario 2016 1.0 APK by AmericaApp

Copa América Centenario 2016 apk
Copa América Centenario 2016 apk

This app has the best radios in each country. will hear the games live. Copa América Centenario 2016 is offered by AmericaApp. Last Updated: August 13, 2016. Current Version: 1.0

We have assembled the best radios in each country to transmit the matches in the cup Copa America Centenario 2016 so that you’re where you are you can listen to and follow your team and be aware of the results … if you think you are missing any radio does not forget ask and try to add it as soon as possible so we help to improve our application greetings thank you very much. Copa America 2016 Centennial.

– Del Plata
– Continental
– LaRed Am910
– Rivadavia
– Mitre

– Radio Sport
– Pan American 96.1
– RCN 104.5

– SPFC Digital Radio
– Paranaiba
– Radio Estadao
– Portal 730

– Radio Sport
– ADN Radio
– CNX Radio
– Sports Station

– Radio Munera
– Radio Caracol
– Owners Balon
– Radio Sport

– Sports 99.3
– Caravan 750 AM Guayaquil
– The Red 102.1
– CRE Satellite
– Super K800
– 88.9 Diblú

– W Radio
– FB 630 AM
– The Futbolera
– Sports frequency 1370 am

– The Sports 1120 am
– Cardinal 730am
– Primero de Marzo 780 am
– The Sports 1120 am

– Ovacion
– Successful
– Radio Callao
– Radio roliz

Latest Updates

radio actualizada agosto 2016


Copa América Centenario 2016 2017

Download Copa América Centenario 2016 APK for Android

Copa América Centenario 2016 1.0 screenshot

Copa América Centenario 2016 screenshot 0Copa América Centenario 2016 screenshot 1Copa América Centenario 2016 screenshot 2Copa América Centenario 2016 screenshot 3Copa América Centenario 2016 screenshot 4Copa América Centenario 2016 screenshot 5Copa América Centenario 2016 screenshot 6Copa América Centenario 2016 screenshot 7

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Quality Tones lastest version by Apps for Brass LLC

download Quality Tones apk
download Quality Tones apk

The most effective accuracy exercise for brass musicians. Quality Tones is offered by Apps for Brass LLC. Last Updated: August 13, 2016. Current Version: 2.0.2

The Quality Tone App will train you to play any note, in any range, in any dynamic, beautifully and consistently. This method has been proven to dramatically help brass musicians of all levels develop a more beautiful sound, and a more consistent and accurate level of playing.

Accuracy exercises are a must for brass musicians. There are hundreds of effective teaching methods designed to help brass musicians play more accurately, but there are two things that make the Quality Tone App unique and superior:

1. Randomization – In order to obtain maximum effectiveness, all quality tones in each session appear in a random order. This method allows you to work on a variety of quality tones in your full range in a much more efficient manner. You will find this method more difficult than practicing attacks in a non-random order, but you will also find it supremely more effective. No longer will you have to worry about playing contrasting excerpts or passages right after the other, because you’ll be confident and trained to play any note beautifully, in any order, and in your entire range – on demand!

2. Customization – This app surpasses standard method books because it gives you the ability to work on exactly what you need to practice, and then constantly tweak it in a matter of seconds. You can customize the lowest and highest note that will be asked for in each session, and turn on or off 13 different variations of dynamics and articulations. This allows you to isolate and focus on specific areas you would like to improve. You could devote an entire session to soft high note attacks, improve your stopped horn technique if you’re a horn player, extend your extreme high range if you’re a lead trumpet player, or slow things down with a series of long tone variations – there are endless possibilities. This Quality Tone App will tailor to YOUR needs.

What’s New

Thank you for using the Quality Tone App! We continuously strive to add new features and enhancements to make this app more beneficial for you.

This update introduces the “active instrument” feature, which tailors the app even more to your particular instrument.


Quality Tones 2017

Download Quality Tones APK for Android

Quality Tones 2.0.2 screenshot

Quality Tones screenshot 0Quality Tones screenshot 1Quality Tones screenshot 2Quality Tones screenshot 3Quality Tones screenshot 4Quality Tones screenshot 5Quality Tones screenshot 6Quality Tones screenshot 7

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Radio Muqdisho Latest Version APK for Android

download Radio Muqdisho apk
download Radio Muqdisho apk

Radio Muqdisho. Radio Muqdisho is offered by Axadle Group. Last Updated: August 13, 2016. Current Version: 3.0.10

Radio Muqdisho Apps provides you optimized and rich audio streaming of live broadcast continuously with mp3 audio live streaming
? Aesthetic listening experience
? Continuously live stream
? Optimized and rich mp3 audio streaming
? Low memory resource usage
? Multitasking allowed
? Notification icon to show the status
? Supports portrait mode
PS: All the radios streams are live streams and therefore will only be available 24 hours if the radio stations broadcast 24 hours. Those stations that broadcast limited hours will be available only when it is broadcasting live in local time.

Radios won’t be available for stream when it is offline and occasionally during server maintenance and other downtimes.

Please rate this app and leave any comments or suggestion you may have. For any questions or suggestions contact Us”

Latest Updates

Add compatibility on Android Marshmallow 6.0

Successfully handle Background Service for playback

We have redesigned the app to make it cleaner and easier to Navigate

You will Get All Somali Radio Station our apps

Stopping the radio when a call is received

Fix bugs and performance improvement

Update additional libraries to the latest version

Update latest version of ExoPlayer v1.5.9


Radio Muqdisho 2017

Download Radio Muqdisho APK

Radio Muqdisho for Android

Download Radio Muqdisho for Android

Download Radio Muqdisho APK for Android

Radio Muqdisho 3.0.10 screenshot

Radio Muqdisho screenshot 0Radio Muqdisho screenshot 1Radio Muqdisho screenshot 2Radio Muqdisho screenshot 3Radio Muqdisho screenshot 4

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