Download Homer Player 0.4.9 by Marcin Simonides

Homer Player download
Homer Player download

An audiobook player for the elderly and visually impaired. Homer Player is offered by Marcin Simonides. Last Updated: November 30, 2016. Current Version: 0.4.9

Homer Player is an audiobook player for the elderly. Its simple user interface makes it easy to operate for seniors and people with poor vision (or both).

– simplicity: just a list of audiobooks and a “start” button,
– flip-to-stop: there’s no need to press any buttons to pause playback, just put the device face down on a table,
– low-vision friendly interface: book titles are read aloud and high contrast, large UI elements are used.

Single application mode (kiosk):
With this mode enabled the user cannot exit the application so they don’t need to know how to use a tablet.
Perfect for building a dedicated audiobook player for your grandparents.

Let me know if you need help, like the app or hate it.

What’s New

Stability fixes.


Homer Player 2017

Download Homer Player APK

Homer Player for Android

Download Homer Player for Android

Download Homer Player APK for Android

Homer Player 0.4.9 screenshot

Homer Player screenshot 0Homer Player screenshot 1Homer Player screenshot 2Homer Player screenshot 3Homer Player screenshot 4Homer Player screenshot 5Homer Player screenshot 6

Homer Player apk video

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Download Frank Sinatra Mp3 Lyrics lastest APK version by StarDut for Android

download Frank Sinatra Mp3 Lyrics apk
download Frank Sinatra Mp3 Lyrics apk

frank sinatra songs & lyrics. Frank Sinatra Mp3 Lyrics is offered by StarDut. Last Updated: November 30, 2016. Current Version: 1.3

This is the best music lyrics Apps
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you can listen to the music and sing a song
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**** Fearture
Bug Fix
Update sun
Small Apk
error correction
Easy to use
Fun Apps

Latest Updates

Bug Fix, add all songs & lyrics


Frank Sinatra Mp3 Lyrics 2017

Frank Sinatra Mp3 Lyrics for Android

Download Frank Sinatra Mp3 Lyrics for Android

Download Frank Sinatra Mp3 Lyrics APK for Android

Frank Sinatra Mp3 Lyrics 1.3 screenshot

Frank Sinatra Mp3 Lyrics screenshot 0Frank Sinatra Mp3 Lyrics screenshot 1Frank Sinatra Mp3 Lyrics screenshot 2

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Best Taiwan Radios, 台灣電台 3.2.44 for Android

Best Taiwan Radios, 台灣電台 download
Best Taiwan Radios, 台灣電台 download

Enjoy music, news and talk shows of Taiwan radio channels from wherever you are. Best Taiwan Radios, 台灣電台 is offered by Sqgy Apps. Last Updated: November 30, 2016. Current Version: 3.2.44

Listen to all Taiwan radio channels via internet streaming with your phones and tablets from where ever you are.

Includes radio channels from Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore.

– short buffering time
– auto reconnect when disconnected
– auto off when phone rings or making calls
– shows schedule and song info if available
– sleep/wakeup timer
– recording and playback
– volume booster
– free (ad supported)

Apple Line, 蘋果
Asia Radio, 亞洲廣播網
Best FM, 好事聯播網
Bravo FM
BCC, 中廣
CSBC, 正聲廣播公司
Chimei 奇美
City FM, 城市廣播網
Classical FM
Da Ai, 大愛
E-Classical, 台北愛樂
Fly Radio, 飛揚調頻
FM1025, 古都電台
Formosa Hakka, 寶島客家電台
Fu Hsin, 復興廣播電台
Fu Jen Catholic University, 輔仁大學
Gaoping, 高屏溪
Needs, 全球華語廣播網
Good News Broadcasting, 佳音廣播電台
GreenPeace, 綠色和平台
Happy Radio, 快樂聯播網
Hit FM, 聯播網
IC 之音
International Community Radio Taipei, 台北國際社區廣播電台
Kiss Radio, 大眾廣播
Libra, 非凡音
Loudong, 羅東
M-Radio, 全國廣播
National Education Radio, 國立教育廣播電台
News 98, 九八新聞台
New Hakka, 新客家廣播電台
Pinewave, 松濤電台
Police Broadcasting Service, 警察廣播電台
Radio Taiwan International, 中央廣播電台
Sunny Radio, 太陽電台
Super FM
Taipei Broadcasting Station, 臺北廣播電臺
Taipei Pop Music, 台北流行音樂電台
UNI, 環宇電台
UFO, 飛碟電台
Voice of Hakka, 大漢之音
Voice of Han, 漢聲廣播電台
and many more.

Latest Updates


1. 當機問題 (3.2.43)

2. 錄音失敗

3. sd卡錄音黨不完整

4. Kiss FM 連接問題


1. TBC 台灣廣播

2. 挑選廣播訊源


1. Crash problems (3.2.43)

2. Recording failure problems

3. Incomplete recording files in SD card

4. Kiss FM connection problem


1. TBC 台灣廣播

2. Select channel’s data source


Best Taiwan Radios, 台灣電台 2017

Download Best Taiwan Radios, 台灣電台 APK for Android

Best Taiwan Radios, 台灣電台 3.2.44 screenshot

Best Taiwan Radios, 台灣電台 screenshot 0Best Taiwan Radios, 台灣電台 screenshot 1Best Taiwan Radios, 台灣電台 screenshot 2Best Taiwan Radios, 台灣電台 screenshot 3Best Taiwan Radios, 台灣電台 screenshot 4Best Taiwan Radios, 台灣電台 screenshot 5Best Taiwan Radios, 台灣電台 screenshot 6Best Taiwan Radios, 台灣電台 screenshot 7Best Taiwan Radios, 台灣電台 screenshot 8Best Taiwan Radios, 台灣電台 screenshot 9Best Taiwan Radios, 台灣電台 screenshot 10Best Taiwan Radios, 台灣電台 screenshot 11Best Taiwan Radios, 台灣電台 screenshot 12

Detail information and download apk file for android:

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Speazie APK lastest version by Speazie Inc.

download Speazie apk
download Speazie apk

Speazie – Music Recording & Collaboration By Speazie Inc. Speazie is offered by Speazie Inc.. Last Updated: November 30, 2016. Current Version: 2.0.2

Speazie is a music recording and collaboration platform available for your Android Phone. Producers can upload and share beats, while singers, rappers, and other vocalists can record and mix their vocals on top of these beats to create a complete track. Amazing things happen through collaboration. Build a global music network and discover collaborative opportunities you didn’t know existed.

Every week Speazie will feature hundreds of new songs, made on mobile, sounding professional and built by people re-discovering the power of music to bring talent together.


– Make music on the go – with the mobile app you can record music whenever you feel inspired

– Collaborate: make music with your friends and with other aspiring or established artists, and interact with the newest and most innovative community of musicians

– Record: Speazie allows users to record on originally produced beats right from their phone

– Edit your vocal tracks using Speazie’s built-in presets to give your tracks a professional studio sound

– IT’S FREE – No expensive audio equipment, music software or recording studios needed – it’s all available in the app

– Join the global jam session and form your new sound with other emerging and established artists from around the world

– Grow your fan-base through musical interaction, collaboration and feedback

– Participate in producer and vocal competitions for a chance to be discovered


We are always excited to hear from you – if you have any feedback or questions, please e-mail us at:
or visit us at

You can also follow us on:
Twitter: @speazie
Instagram: @speazie

Latest Updates

We’ve taken our App to a whole new level!

– MAKE MUSIC VIDEOS INSTANTLY: We have added an all new VIDEO feature! Go into the Studio and turn on your camera to make an instant music video.

– REPOST: Repost your favorite beats and tracks on to your profile and show some love within the Speazie community.

– PROMOTE YOURSELF: Gain Followers on all your social platforms. Link all your other social accounts to your profile so users can find you everywhere!

– Audio recording issue


Speazie 2017

Speazie APK

Download Speazie

Download Speazie APK

Speazie for Android

Download Speazie for Android

Download Speazie APK for Android

Speazie 2.0.2 screenshot

Speazie screenshot 0Speazie screenshot 1Speazie screenshot 2Speazie screenshot 3Speazie screenshot 4Speazie screenshot 5

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Sintonize Rádios APK 1.0 for Android

download Sintonize Rádios apk
download Sintonize Rádios apk

App site to listen to online radio stations in Brazil and the world. Sintonize Rádios is offered by W7 Comunicação. Last Updated: November 30, 2016

An application made for you listen to the radio on your smartphone or tablet to support thousands of devices, our app is a lightweight alternative to what is in the segment.

======================= ======================= APPLICATION DETAILS

Navigation: The navigation method is the simplest possible divided by countries, states, cities, genres and radios that are close to you.

Design: The design is nice bringing what is most modern in that coding requirements set by Google.

Profile: The application allows the user to create a profile through Facebook, Google + or form. This record also serves to the site because both are connected, eg You create a profile on the site and adds a radio bookmark, instantly this radio is available in favorite mobile phone or tablet and vice versa.

new radio application: This function allows you to request a new radio very easily through the application itself. Generally a radio added is less than 24 hours.

Widget: This function lets you add a “mini player” in the device’s desktop, making it easier to navigate the current radio.

History: He liked to listen to a radio but she forgot the name? Do not worry! As you browse logged in the application or website, the radios that you visited is stored in history, allowing you again find that radio that you like to hear.

Sharing: The app has options to share on social networks or text tools, all in a very convenient.

======================= INTERACTION WITH USERS =======================

This issue we take very seriously, as they are the users that feed our desire to continue with this project.

Currently users can contribute by adding new radio very easily, and can report any errors that come from the streaming links, or even information that is incorrect.

All interactions made by e-mail: are answered almost immediately.

=============================== FOR RADIOS ================ ===========

Statistics: All accesses made by users are registered in our database, this allows us to generate more accurate reports for your radio. For your radio has access to statistics, you need to have a confirmed account that can be requested on the site. We do not disclose this information publicly.

Interaction with the listener: With a verified account you have access to the comments that listeners do in your radio, either via the website or application.

=========================== MORE ABOUT THIS PROJECT =================== ===

Millions of people every day looking for your favorite radio stations on the Internet. For this reason it is increasingly necessary for radio stations they are, AM, FM or webradios, are connected to their audience through tools that promote their work and their views via the web. We are one of these tools for free deliver his voice to those millions of people who seek to listen to them, either through our website or through our applications. Welcome to Tune radios and if you want to register a broadcaster, join us, or if you just want to listen to your favorite radio, look for it in our search tool.

======================== WHY NOT HAVE ADVERTISEMENTS? ====================

Just like you, we not like those annoying advertisements that distract and bring a bad experience for the users. While we can we hold on to not add advertisements in this app.

SUPPORT ==================================== ============= =================

Request support or give suggestions. All requests can be sent to the e-mail

What’s New

* Correções de vários erros do player, como reconexão automática


Sintonize Rádios 2017

Download Sintonize Rádios

Download Sintonize Rádios APK

Sintonize Rádios for Android

Download Sintonize Rádios for Android

Download Sintonize Rádios APK for Android

Sintonize Rádios screenshot

Sintonize Rádios screenshot 0Sintonize Rádios screenshot 1Sintonize Rádios screenshot 2Sintonize Rádios screenshot 3Sintonize Rádios screenshot 4Sintonize Rádios screenshot 5Sintonize Rádios screenshot 6Sintonize Rádios screenshot 7

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Download Badlands Radio APK 7.03 by BADLANDS RADIO for Android

download Badlands Radio apk
download Badlands Radio apk

Texas Music For the World. Badlands Radio is offered by BADLANDS RADIO. Last Updated: November 30, 2016. Current Version: 7.03

What is Badlands? It’s the perfect mix of Texas Music, Alt Country, Americana & more. Legendary DJ, Hank T. Moon, navigates us through some of the “Best Music On The Planet”. Beware: Addiction to the music can follow.


Badlands Radio 2017

Download Badlands Radio APK for Android

Badlands Radio 7.03 screenshot

Badlands Radio screenshot 0Badlands Radio screenshot 1

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TÜRKÇE MÜZİKLER lastest APK version by SerkarApps


TURKISH MUSIC PLAY. TÜRKÇE MÜZİKLER is offered by SerkarApps. Last Updated: November 30, 2016. Current Version: 2.0


Murat Dalkılıç – This Is How Love
Hillsong – Stepping Addresses
Irem Derici – One Can we
Sinan Akçıl – Of course, of course
Gülşen & Boz – İltimas
Demet Akalin – Divine Justice ALM RADIO
Cindy – I Believe
n.öncel & Tarkan – Come One Time
Ata Demirer – is FIL FIL is Auspicious
Ravi İncigöz & Mustafa Ceceli – Sugar RADIO BOX
Serdar Ortaç – God
Burcu Güneş – Love Me Over Writer
Lean – Love She
Gökhan Özen – you asked me
Soner Sarıkabadayı – Wound Tape
Emre Kaya – Distinct
Oleander – I’m going passenger Meat
Sibel Can & Halil Sezai – Galata TÜRKİYEM
Ferhat Göçer – Hug me
Joseph South – Angels have written to me
Tolga Cevik & ö.atik – I think lying
Atia & Alexander stakeholders – Not Enough
Nile – My Wings Have my soul BROTHERHOOD
Selim Gülgören – Days of Love
Oguz Cindy – Counting hands from me
Tugba Autonomous – Deep Impact
Hakan Peker – Steadily
Soner Arica – Good Coming
Sinan Özen – Similar to a Red Bud
Emre Aydin – Done Congratulations
Oguzhan Koc – Oops
d.manço & Tugba abroad – Calm
Koray Çapanoğlu – This hour sleep
Gokhan Turkmen – Attic
Levent The four – Paper cut of
Ray Khan – Less B Distance
Betul Demir – Neutral Kalam does not love
Ezo & Hillsong – not Go
Hande Yener – Lower Lip
Ayse Hatun Onal – a Hi Age
Tarkan Feat Alexander stakeholders – Hop De
Bengu – Authentic
Ebru Gündeş – I Araft
Pekka ft in .Aj. Tarkan – Burns Night I
Actuating ft. Demet Akalin – Angels Signature Collect
.Aşk Nur Yengi – Kiss You Late
.Ati A – This is it
.Ati To – I’m Fine
.Aydilg To – Lock
.Ayş Özyılmazel – Arabesque
.Ayş Özyılmazel – Delinquent
.Ayşegül Aldinç – That Girl
.Beng Of – I love you
.Beng – Clock.
.Berkay – Dejavu
.Berkay – Eliminate Ýnat
.Berkay – Discharged
.Betül Iron – Hop Dedik
.Betül Iron – Magnet
.Bor Duran – rose Your Skin
.Burc Sun – Oflaya Oflaya
.C Than sad song – Go
.Ceyn Are – in the car Listen
.Demet Akalın – Love
.Demet Akalın – Will Be Will Be
.Sea Seki – I trapped water
.Du Man – Should I Ask me regret
.Emr Aydin – Goodbye
.Emr Aydin – Recent Times
.Ferhat Timberlake – Never mind them
.Ferhat Timberlake – Heart Kırılsa Sever
.Fettah Can – Fit to forgive you
.F In Arar – Commemoration of the Name
.F In Arar – love me for Değdi Degel
.F In Arar – You And I
.gem Think – I Died
.Gök By – Tuttu Throw
.Gökh Özen – Sitemkar
.Gökh Hill – a few bodies before
.Gökh Hill – Red Carpet
.Gökh Turkmen – Shame Ettin
.Grip’s – You’re leaving
.Gülb Ergen & Mustafa Sandal – Stylish Stylish
.Gülş That – will fall to Language
The .Gülş – New One
.Hadis – Love How Body Wears
.Hadis To – Superman
.HakKe Peker – Caramel
.H Hande Yener – tell me
.H Hande Yener – Outgoing Min Bi There
.H Hande Yener – Garbage
.H Hande Yener – Airport
.Kolp – Last breath
. To – Roads
.Meyr To – Aşklayal I (Brake Enough Remix)
.MFÖ – Always the age of
.model – Değmesin Hand
.model – Pink Cemetery
.Mr And Beyond – Ask
.Moral – Income
.Murat Boz – My Big Love me
.Murat Dalkılıç – Dönmem
.Murat Dalkılıç – Hello Hello
.Mustaf Ceceli – crying rain
.Mustaf Ceceli & Elvan Gunaydin – Missing
.Naz Öncel – Normal
.nil – I Want To Hear About Everything
Og Sanlısoy – Avunmak Difficult
.ÖZ Dogulu & Atia – from strapless
.ÖZ Marley Ft. Lean – More what I Die
.Özg’s – Just Friends
.Özle Thompson – You Understand
.Rafet El Roman – Direniyorum
.Seksendört – Oh No
.Seksendört – Say
.Serd Ortaç – Cheats
.Serd Ortaç – Easily
.Sertab Erener – a drop in my eye
.Sertab Erener – Istanbul
.Sıl To – it does not kill the Acısa
.Sıl To – check the ground
.Sıl To – head
.Sıl To – Sure to Drop
.Set Limit the Akçıl & Hande Yener – Atma
.Son Sarıkabadayı – Salt Water
.Şebne Ferah & Lotus – Boys Do not Cry
The .T – Barbie Doll
.T Ft. Serdar Ortaç – It will not be like me
.Tark That – will not hurt
.Tark That – Lost
.Tark That – Kiss
.Teo Man – Cobwebs
.Teo Man – Dance Alone
.Teo Financing Gedik & Life – Orange Oru Kal
.Ümit Mr. & Tarkan – Go
.Yal’s – Oral Narrative of Fine Min
.Yeş Bunch – Lottery
.Yon Lodi – we get up if we fall
.Yon Lodi – Milat TEKNOX
Yusif South – Forget her heart
.Zakk I – Anise
.Ziynet Sali – Enough for Us

What’s New

yayın kanalları eklenicektir






Download TÜRKÇE MÜZİKLER for Android

Download TÜRKÇE MÜZİKLER APK for Android

TÜRKÇE MÜZİKLER 2.0 screenshot

TÜRKÇE MÜZİKLER screenshot 0TÜRKÇE MÜZİKLER screenshot 1TÜRKÇE MÜZİKLER screenshot 2TÜRKÇE MÜZİKLER screenshot 3TÜRKÇE MÜZİKLER screenshot 4TÜRKÇE MÜZİKLER screenshot 5TÜRKÇE MÜZİKLER screenshot 6

Download apk file for android:

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