8-bit music Latest Version APK for Android

8-bit music apk
8-bit music apk

Music of 8-bit games! Chiptune, cover songs, remixes. 8-bit music is offered by Maxim Kabluka. Last Updated: November 26, 2016. Current Version: 3.8.8

Music from old good games: NES, SEGA, SNES, Atari, Nintendo 64, DOS! And modern games too!

– More than 50 game radio stations + new station every update(write in comments your recommendations!)
– BASS audio library for best sound!
– Track list
– Stream recording
– You can add your stations to list
– Audio setup for best listening
– Widget!
– Game news feeds
– Sleep timer

Latest Updates


1. New features for Android Auto and Android Wear devices

2. Fixed noises in recordings


1. Added proxy server option in settings. If you can’t find proxy for you, in next update I’ll add some internal proxy list.

Proxy will help listen Radionomy stations in blocked countries

2. New awesome Hyperadio!

We REALLY need your support, so please rate app!


1. Ask for permission on Android 5+

2. Fixed Equalizer

3. Little UI update

4. New awesome stations:

– ChipBit


8-bit music 2017

8-bit music 3.8.8 screenshot

8-bit music screenshot 08-bit music screenshot 18-bit music screenshot 28-bit music screenshot 38-bit music screenshot 48-bit music screenshot 58-bit music screenshot 6

Android Music & Audio Apps download https://goo.gl/ZCpOhG


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