Emma for Spotify (TV) – Access to the entire Spotify Library straight from your Android TV.

Emma for Spotify (TV)

Access to the entire Spotify Library straight from your Android TV.

Emma for Spotify (TV) screenshot 0Emma for Spotify (TV) screenshot 1Emma for Spotify (TV) screenshot 2Emma for Spotify (TV) screenshot 3Emma for Spotify (TV) screenshot 4Emma for Spotify (TV) screenshot 5

*** Spotify Premium Account is necessary***
Info that Emma will shut down on Jan 28, 2017.
All + features are free starting from now (November 2016)
You need a Spotify Premium Account to use this software.
– Access to top playlists (Top 100, Viral, Pop, Rock, etc.)
– Access to New Releases, New Albums and Featured PlayLists
– Play album, top songs, start radio, play any Playlist via voice command
– save songs to your Library & follow playlists.

***If this app does not work for you, don’t buy the + version, because it will not solve the problem*** Some user have problems using it on Sony Bravia TVs

with Emma for Spotify+ you will get:
– more Categories, more Featured Playlists, Recent Playlists
– MyLibrary screen with your Songs, Artists, Albums and Playlists
incl. features to remove tracks from Library and unfollow playlists.
– Shortcuts on mediaplayer screen (Play Artist Top Songs, Start Artist Radio, Play full Album, Save Tracks)
– a feature to add tracks to your own playlists.

Examples for Voice Commands:
Systemwide Voice Commands like “Play Coldplay” or “Play Mylo Xyloto”
In App-Voice Commands:
– “Play Coldplay” plays Top Songs from Coldplay
– “Album Coldplay Live 2012” plays specific Album
– “Radio Coldplay” starts radio based on similar Artists
– “Playlist Chill Out” plays a playlist named chill out
– “Dance Music” or “Chill Out” searches and shows specific playlists.

This app is designed to work on AndroidTV!

This app uses the official spotify beta sdk for android (developer.spotify.com/technologies/spotify-android-sdk) but is not endorsed, certified or otherwise approved in any way by Spotify. Spotify is the registered trade mark of the Spotify Group.

Detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/80Qtch


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