Guitar Tabs X – Professional guitar tabs editor. Save as PDF or MIDI. Thousands tabs available

Guitar Tabs X

Professional guitar tabs editor. Save as PDF or MIDI. Thousands tabs available

Guitar Tabs X screenshot 0Guitar Tabs X screenshot 1Guitar Tabs X screenshot 2Guitar Tabs X screenshot 3Guitar Tabs X screenshot 4Guitar Tabs X screenshot 5Guitar Tabs X screenshot 6Guitar Tabs X screenshot 7Guitar Tabs X screenshot 8Guitar Tabs X screenshot 9Guitar Tabs X screenshot 10Guitar Tabs X screenshot 11Guitar Tabs X screenshot 12Guitar Tabs X screenshot 13Guitar Tabs X screenshot 14Guitar Tabs X screenshot 15Guitar Tabs X screenshot 16Guitar Tabs X screenshot 17Guitar Tabs X screenshot 18Guitar Tabs X screenshot 19Guitar Tabs X screenshot 20

Guitar Tabs X is a powerful guitar sheets editor. It is intended as the guitar and bass players’ notebook so you can easily write and save your ideas and songs as pro looking guitar tabs. Now it is very easy to enter chords.

Now NO ADS on Marshall London phones!

All tabs can be previewed and played. So guitar players can practice and share songs on the go.
Supports bass tabs. Great tool for bands, composers, guitar schools and even beginners.
With Guitar Tabs X you can write your chords fast so you never again forget your ideas.

Guitar Tabs X exclusive features:
★ Interactive tablature interface
★ Special tab editing keyboard
★ Insert chords with a slide
★ Full screen guitar tab read and edit
★ Smart bar metrics algorithms
★ dedicated tab file format – readable and small
★ easy chord edit
★ export tabs to PDF ( print ready )
★ export song to MIDI (which you can import to any DAW)

other features:
★ Fast tempo change
★ One touch bar metrics change
★ Copy, paste, insert, delete and clear bars
★ Inplace edit title, artist and author
★ legato
★ bend up and bend down
★ vibrato
★ P.M.
★ Bass tabs support
★ undo last actions
★ send dongs via email
★ send songs to server
★ free guitar tabs server
★ fast repeat chords

This app is created by the developer of the popular guitar tuner – Fine Chromatic Tuner
The app was build around innovative and easy guitar tabs editing approach. Write your songs like a guitar professional

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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