MC PEDRINHO sensação 2016 – Stage funk music!

MC PEDRINHO sensação 2016

Stage funk music!

MC PEDRINHO sensação 2016 screenshot 0MC PEDRINHO sensação 2016 screenshot 1

Pedro Maia a.k.a MC Pedrinho is a singer who is very talented junior funk in Brazil.

We present a single application, with funky capoiera theme.
Viewing the new lyrics, such as:

– Feeling
– Our love
– 4M In Touch part. MC Hariel
– One Sitting
– Fake friendship
– 5 Mentes thinking
– The Ball started
– The Mlk Broto – General Embrazando
– I Want it Suruba
– Game turned part. MC Hariel
– Will Come Go
– Go waddled
– Combat
– Make yourself comfortable
– Release the Record
– Dreamer boy
– Come Sucking the 4M
– Send Putaria pras Girls
– Go on Piroca and Rebola
– Slide On Pica
– The Piriquita fly
– Will Go On Record
– Will Come Start / Planet Putaria
– Take
– Romano’s Putaria
– Sit Girl In Pipe
– Boot from Vitrine
– Differentiated Life
– Summer Hit
– It is Doida
– Sun Sun Sun
– Math
– With Cai Bu ** Pra Frente
– Come Piriquita
– Divide the Pepeka
– Get ready
– Come Sucking Troop
– Lamberton Cano
– Seasick
– Then go
– General Embrazou
– Making A Good Student
– Checkmate

– App is only for entertainment purposes, a fan-made application.
– All trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.
– This application is not endorsed by or affiliated with MC Pedrinho or its affiliated entities.

* Support the artist, listen to online video download / download mp3 legally.
* Buy the CD / DVD / concert tickets / unique souvenirs.
* Official Social Media Follow MC (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Biography).

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