T4A Guitar Chords – Ultimate library of Guitar chords.

T4A Guitar Chords

Ultimate library of Guitar chords.

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Don’t know how to play a chord? Put them all in your pocket, never forget how to play a chord, wherever you are! Our app is loaded with hundreds of guitar chord charts, including a list of easy and common chords to get you up and playing right away.

*** FEATURES ***
✓ Easy-to-use interface,
✓ Alternative positions,
✓ Detailed informations,
✓ Favourite chords,
✓ Random chords,
✓ Left or right-handed,
✓ Display Notes, Intervals, or Fingerings,
✓ “Swipe n’ hear” how chords sound like,
✓ Intelligent Updater (auto-update chords using your Wifi connection),

✓ 19 chord types**,
✓ Slashed/Chords,
✓ Chord Wizard (find chord name by notes),
✓ Ads-free,

✓ 8-Most common chord types*,

*Major, Minor, 5, Seventh (dominant, major and minor), and Suspended (second and fourth) chords.
**Major, Minor, 5, Seventh (dominant, major, minor and half-diminished), Suspended (second, fourth and seventh), Sixth (major and minor), Ninth (major, minor and add9), Augmented, Diminished, Eleventh and Thirteenth chords.

*** FAQ ***
→ I’ve upgraded to PRO version, but chords are still not displayed, what’s going wrong?
Close the app, connect to a Wi-Fi network (or use 3G/4G if you have an unlimited data plan), re-start the app and wait a few seconds (5-30sec). A message should pop up saying that the chord database was successfully updated. If nothing is displayed, it’s probably because our server is temporarily unavailable. In such a case, please try again later. If you need any further information, don’t hesitate to contact us at mobile@tabs4acoustic.com.

See detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/JaqsFE


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