Equalizer Music Player Latest Version APK for Android

Equalizer Music Player download
Equalizer Music Player download

You can change the background image with your own photo or image. Equalizer Music Player is offered by EnyaStory. Last Updated: November 30, 2016. Current Version: 1.130

Try changing the background image to your own photo or image.

You can use a 7-band equalizer to adjust the specific frequency of the sound range.
VIRTUALIZER and BASS booster are added to bring sound to life. You can listen vividly and magnificently as if you are listening to live music with the tone you want.
REVERB EFFECT allows you to customize the sound for specific speakers.
You can select among 16 preset equalizer settings or adjust the bass and treble frequency manually (Presets: FLAT, BASS, TREBLE, ROCK, GRUNGE, METAL, DANCE, COUNTRY, JAZZ, SPEECH, CLASSICAL, BLUES, OPERA, SWING, ACOUSTIC, NEW AGE)

General Features:
If you hold down the list item (Long Click), a popup menu appears. From the pop-up menu, you can add the selected list to favorites, delete files, add them to favorites, add them to the current playlist, and edit the tags of those songs.

7 frequency bands (media bass treble volume control)

16 equalizer presets for different music genres


Play by any song, album, artist, favorite, genre

Background play mode (continue playing a song when using other apps or when the device is in standby mode)

Music progress bar, time display

Various playback functions: Shuffle (Random Play), Normal Play, Repeat One, Repeat All, Repeat All

Sleep timer function: When the sleep timer is set, the player will automatically stop after a specified time.

You can control the player from the notification window.

Simple and easy to use user interface

Put on headphones or earphones, or turn on the speakers and listen to the songs as if they were in the studio. Enjoy the maximum volume! There is nothing as good as an equalizer when you are having a party atmosphere or listening to music.

The background image can be set as a photo or image file taken with the camera. You can listen to the song while switching to a photo that matches the song. Google Plus users can use Upload Photos directly from the Post Images and Photos tabs. Decorate your main screen with your favorite style: family, friends, lovers, self-camera photos, favorite celebrity stars, cute pets, animated images, beautiful and beautiful scenery taken on a trip, and athletes.

Pressing the artist cover image at the bottom of the main screen changes to the play screen. You can change the playback mode on the player screen.

Press the menu button on the main screen or push the left edge of the screen to the right to display the main menu.

You can change the background image by pressing the Wallpaper button on the main menu. When you click Select Image, Gallery and Google Photos selection window appears. After selecting anything, edit the desired image and click Save to save the image.

The media player pauses automatically when a call is made or a call is made while the song is playing. When the call ends, the song will automatically play.

When you launch the app, it automatically scans mp3 media files. Deleting or adding a new mp3 file to your storage will not give you errors.

What’s New

Bug fixes.


Equalizer Music Player 2017

Equalizer Music Player 1.130 screenshot

Equalizer Music Player screenshot 0Equalizer Music Player screenshot 1Equalizer Music Player screenshot 2Equalizer Music Player screenshot 3Equalizer Music Player screenshot 4Equalizer Music Player screenshot 5Equalizer Music Player screenshot 6Equalizer Music Player screenshot 7Equalizer Music Player screenshot 8

Download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/wXlno6

Android Music & Audio Apps download https://goo.gl/ZCpOhG


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