Sintonize Rádios APK 1.0 for Android

download Sintonize Rádios apk
download Sintonize Rádios apk

App site to listen to online radio stations in Brazil and the world. Sintonize Rádios is offered by W7 Comunicação. Last Updated: November 30, 2016

An application made for you listen to the radio on your smartphone or tablet to support thousands of devices, our app is a lightweight alternative to what is in the segment.

======================= ======================= APPLICATION DETAILS

Navigation: The navigation method is the simplest possible divided by countries, states, cities, genres and radios that are close to you.

Design: The design is nice bringing what is most modern in that coding requirements set by Google.

Profile: The application allows the user to create a profile through Facebook, Google + or form. This record also serves to the site because both are connected, eg You create a profile on the site and adds a radio bookmark, instantly this radio is available in favorite mobile phone or tablet and vice versa.

new radio application: This function allows you to request a new radio very easily through the application itself. Generally a radio added is less than 24 hours.

Widget: This function lets you add a “mini player” in the device’s desktop, making it easier to navigate the current radio.

History: He liked to listen to a radio but she forgot the name? Do not worry! As you browse logged in the application or website, the radios that you visited is stored in history, allowing you again find that radio that you like to hear.

Sharing: The app has options to share on social networks or text tools, all in a very convenient.

======================= INTERACTION WITH USERS =======================

This issue we take very seriously, as they are the users that feed our desire to continue with this project.

Currently users can contribute by adding new radio very easily, and can report any errors that come from the streaming links, or even information that is incorrect.

All interactions made by e-mail: are answered almost immediately.

=============================== FOR RADIOS ================ ===========

Statistics: All accesses made by users are registered in our database, this allows us to generate more accurate reports for your radio. For your radio has access to statistics, you need to have a confirmed account that can be requested on the site. We do not disclose this information publicly.

Interaction with the listener: With a verified account you have access to the comments that listeners do in your radio, either via the website or application.

=========================== MORE ABOUT THIS PROJECT =================== ===

Millions of people every day looking for your favorite radio stations on the Internet. For this reason it is increasingly necessary for radio stations they are, AM, FM or webradios, are connected to their audience through tools that promote their work and their views via the web. We are one of these tools for free deliver his voice to those millions of people who seek to listen to them, either through our website or through our applications. Welcome to Tune radios and if you want to register a broadcaster, join us, or if you just want to listen to your favorite radio, look for it in our search tool.

======================== WHY NOT HAVE ADVERTISEMENTS? ====================

Just like you, we not like those annoying advertisements that distract and bring a bad experience for the users. While we can we hold on to not add advertisements in this app.

SUPPORT ==================================== ============= =================

Request support or give suggestions. All requests can be sent to the e-mail

What’s New

* Correções de vários erros do player, como reconexão automática


Sintonize Rádios 2017

Download Sintonize Rádios

Download Sintonize Rádios APK

Sintonize Rádios for Android

Download Sintonize Rádios for Android

Download Sintonize Rádios APK for Android

Sintonize Rádios screenshot

Sintonize Rádios screenshot 0Sintonize Rádios screenshot 1Sintonize Rádios screenshot 2Sintonize Rádios screenshot 3Sintonize Rádios screenshot 4Sintonize Rádios screenshot 5Sintonize Rádios screenshot 6Sintonize Rádios screenshot 7

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