Snow mp3 Music Player Latest Version APK for Android

Snow mp3 Music Player download
Snow mp3 Music Player download

You can change the background image with your own photo or image. Snow mp3 Music Player is offered by EnyaStory. Last Updated: November 30, 2016. Current Version: 1.949

You can change the background image with your own photo or image.

Snowflake is a simple mp3 music player app is free to move.

General Features:

Seven frequency bands (bass, treble volume control on the media)

16 equalizer presets according to a variety of musical genres


Any song, album, artist, favorites, played by genre

Background play mode (when the song continues to play when you use other apps or devices in standby mode)

Various playback functions: Shuffle (random playback), normal play, repeat one, all once, repeat, repeating the entire

Sleep timer function: When you set the sleep timer after a specified time, the player will automatically stop.

You can control the player in the notification window.

Easy user interface simple and easy to use

Put the headphones or earphones or turn on the speaker Listen to the song, as in the studio. Enjoy a maximum volume! Increase the time to listen to music or party atmosphere is not good enough equalizer.

Using a 7-band equalizer to adjust the sound of a specific frequency range.
The addition of the VIRTUALIZER BASS Booster, users can listen to any song in the magnificent voice.
REVERB EFFECT as you can customize the sound for a particular speaker.
You can choose from the equalizer settings to use pre-set to 16 frequently, or adjust the settings manually (FLAT, BASS, TREBLE, ROCK, GRUNGE, METAL, DANCE, COUNTRY, JAZZ, SPEECH, CLASSICAL, BLUES, OPERA, SWING , ACOUSTIC, NEW AGE)

When you click the icon, or click the footprints cute artist Play screen appears on the cover image, a pop-up menu. Add to Favourites find a list of selected from the pop-up menu, or you can view the artist information and album information.

Press the cover image of the artist in the lower main screen changes to the Play screen.
You can set the equalizer and playback mode in the Play screen, and you can see a list of songs currently playing.

Click on the gear icon in the Setup window will appear. You can change the start page in Settings, and you can change the background image. When the image selection window appears, select Photo Gallery and Google. Anything selected after the image is saved, press Save, edit the image you want. Decorate your photos with the background image to go with snowflakes.
You can set the size and speed, number, direction of snowflakes in the settings.

The background image can be set to a photo or image files taken with the camera. Changing to match the songs and photos, you can hear the song. Google Plus users can upload photos directly available for post images and photos tab. Customize your family, friends, lovers, the main screen with the self-camera pictures, your favorite celebrity star, cute pets, animated images, beautiful and wonderful scenery taken trips go, athletes, etc. that favorite style.

Click the main screen, hold and drag to the right or to the left turns the page. All songs, favorite artists, are displayed as a list of songs by genre. Please start by touching the song in the playlist.

Or a song during playback, when you call the phone will automatically stop the media peuleyieo date. The song will play when the call ends automatically.

Dalraejul the loneliness of a cold winter and warm music player. What he wants is a slip fall beoryeotneyo cold winter, but in winter I also have another good attraction in his own
The weather is cold, the body is presumably shrink’re colorful lights and white snow I feel the warmth. The people of the world be happy to receive give love winter, Christmas is coming up. If winter comes, can anyone waiting for a Santa. How go to give him some presents Santa will receive a gift this year, but could be exciting Christmas is nearing thought would not meet him.
This Christmas we have a precious time doesigi memorable and happy memories than any other Christmas. Take a trip to the Winter Kingdom.

What’s New

Bug fixes.


Snow mp3 Music Player 2017

Download Snow mp3 Music Player APK for Android

Snow mp3 Music Player 1.949 screenshot

Snow mp3 Music Player screenshot 0Snow mp3 Music Player screenshot 1Snow mp3 Music Player screenshot 2Snow mp3 Music Player screenshot 3Snow mp3 Music Player screenshot 4Snow mp3 Music Player screenshot 5Snow mp3 Music Player screenshot 6Snow mp3 Music Player screenshot 7Snow mp3 Music Player screenshot 8

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