TaalMala – Tabla, Pakhawaj, Manjeera, Lehra/Nagma, SwarMandal and Tanpura Accompaniment


Tabla, Pakhawaj, Manjeera, Lehra/Nagma, SwarMandal and Tanpura Accompaniment

TaalMala screenshot 0TaalMala screenshot 1TaalMala screenshot 2TaalMala screenshot 3TaalMala screenshot 4TaalMala screenshot 5TaalMala screenshot 6TaalMala screenshot 7TaalMala screenshot 8TaalMala screenshot 9TaalMala screenshot 10TaalMala screenshot 11TaalMala screenshot 12TaalMala screenshot 13TaalMala screenshot 14TaalMala screenshot 15TaalMala screenshot 16TaalMala screenshot 17TaalMala screenshot 18TaalMala screenshot 19TaalMala screenshot 20TaalMala screenshot 21TaalMala screenshot 22TaalMala screenshot 23

TaalMala provides personalized accompaniment of Tabla, Pakhawaj, Manjeera, Tanpura, SwarMandal and Lehra/Nagma on Santoor and Harmonium. Use TaalMala for your daily riyaaz or live concerts. With high-quality Tabla, Pakhawaj, Manjeera, Tanpura, SwarMandal, Santoor and Harmonium sounds sampled from real instruments, huge library of 340+ pre-composed Taals, 240+ pre-composed Lehra/Nagma compositions and 450+ SwarMandal sequences in 41 most popular Ragas, TaalMala provides a complete practising solution for any Indian musician.

With TaalMala Composer, you can compose Taals, Lehras/Nagmas and SwarMandal patterns by simply entering the notation. For example, enter “Dha Dhin Dhin Dha” and TaalMala will play those bols, 1 beat each. Enter “S R G M P M G R” and TaalMala will play those notes. With a powerful sequencer, you can compose your own sequences of fixed or randomized Taal, Lehra/Nagma and SwarMandal patterns.

If you have the Windows desktop version of TaalMala, you can import your compositions from Windows to your Android device and play them on the Android device.

TaalMala features:

– High-quality studio-recorded Tabla, Pakhawaj, Tanpura, Santoor, Harmonium and Manjeera (Zanj) sounds
– Two sets of Tabla/Dagga sounds and ability to choose and mix-match between the two sound sets
– 340+ pre-composed Taals and Taal sequences, including most popular Taals and their variations
– 240+ pre-composed Lehra/Nagma compositions and sequences in multitude of ragas and Taals
– 450+ pre-composed SwarMandal patterns and sequences in 41 Hindustani Ragas
– New Taals, Lehras and compositions added frequently as free updates
– Automatic Manjeera/Zanj accompaniment synchronized with the Tabla/Pakhawaj Taals
– Adjustable tempo from 10 bpm to 2000 bpm for Taal and Lehra
– Pitch control (+/- 0.5 octave), with independent fine-tuning of all instruments for precise matching with your scale
– Compose your own Taals using notation for the Taal
– Compose your own Lehras/Nagmas and SwarMandal patterns using notation
– Powerful sequencer to compose fixed and automatically randomized sequences from the Taals, Lehras and SwarMandal library
– Independent volume/level balance for Tabla/Pitch, Dagga/Bass, Manjeera, Lehra/Nagma and SwarMandal
– Ability to import and use your own Tanpura sounds and loops
– Choose between chromatic or just/harmonic tuning for all instruments
– Up to 2 simultaneous Tanpura playback
– High-quality Tanpura sounds with all popular Tanpura patterns included
– Adjustable Tanpura tempo
– Adjust strumming speed of 4 Tanpura strings independently
– Option to slightly vary the Tanpura plucking delays randomly for better realism
– Tap on the screen twice to set exact tempo
– Set start beat (matra) of the Taal, particularly useful in live concert mode if your composition starts from middle of a Taal cycle OR if composition is Vilambit (slow tempo)
– Compose your own Taals using our Windows desktop application and play them on your Android device

This is a trial version of the application with following limitations:

– Playback restricted to 5 minutes every hour
– Trial expires after 14 days from first use. To continue use after 14 days, you must purchase the licensed edition of the application.
– Trial period resets 74 days after the date of first installation, in case you had tried and older version and want to install and try the upgraded version now.
– To unlock full functionality and remove the time-limit, click “Upgrade” option on the main screen and purchase a license.

For more information and details of various licenses, visit our web site taalmala.com.

If you would like to purchase a licensed version, use the “Upgrade” button within the application. If you are unable to purchase via Google Play Store for any reason, please contact us at service@taalmala.com and we will help you.

See more information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/fBo5x3


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