Просто Радио онлайн – Radio. Without advertising. 52 stations of the Moscow FM only 150 stations. It works in the background

Просто Радио онлайн

Radio. Without advertising. 52 stations of the Moscow FM only 150 stations. It works in the background

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Just radio online. You can listen to your favorite radio stations online.
To listen to use the wifi connection or fast mobile internet.

 _ Without advertising. Paid features NO.
 _ All 52 FM radio stations in Moscow range + 100 stations.
 _ An experimental recording function.
 _ Automatic update of the station list.
 _ Search for radio stations.
 _ Auto reconnect to the station downstream of the connection loss
 _ Auto-rotate (Rotate the screen only in the version of 3 December 2016)
 _ Temporarily idle stations are marked in the list.
 _ Output messages about broken stations, when you try to play their streams.
 _ Application size 2.5 MB
 _ Peak memory usage: 18 MB
 _ Codec native language C
 _ Minimum system load
 _ Background Playback
 _ A current list of stations
 _ Saving station list items
 _ Add a radio station to favorites
 _ Sleep Timer to turn off after a certain period of time
 _ To stop playback during incoming and outgoing calls
 _ Button play / stop in the notification area

In our application you will find 100 radio stations in all genres: Our Music, Pop, Rock, Oldies, Disco, Dance Music, Relax, Classical Music, Talk Radio.
Add your favorite radio station of your favorites. Fall asleep to your favorite music, for it provides a sleep timer. The app mutes for incoming and outgoing calls, running in the background – all without advertising.

All the reviews about the app are read.

Many disable auto update for this application. We can not support all versions of the application, please include in the auto-update Google.Play application. The application without ads, developed and supported by the enthusiasm of its creators.

Android 5, 6, 7 if you include battery-saving mode in android, you may experience problems with playback in the background. To avoid this, add this application to the exceptions.

Resolution “identifier Machines & call information” (READ_PHONE_STATE) – to stop playing when the phone call.
Resolution “Change or delete the contents of the internal memory” (WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE) – to record radio streams.
Enable “In-app purchases” (BILLING) – for possible future toll functions now there are none.

Russian radio
Our radio
silver Rain
Europe +
Monte Carlo
Best FM
Radio Energy
Radio 7
Love Radio
Humor FM
militia wave
Hit fm
Radio Jazz
Radio Classic
Road Radio
Radio Romantika
Like FM
Says Moscow
Our Moscow
Radio Star
Megapolis FM
Radio Carnival
Baby radio
Comedy Radio
Relax FM
Radio Dacha
radio Ultra
East FM
M radio
Radio Chocolate
Radio Culture
Radio Orpheus
Retro FM
Life Sound
Radio Russia
Radio Beacon
Vesti FM
Echo of Moscow
New radio
Kommersant FM
Business FM
Moscow FM
radio Liberty
Radio Sports
Capital FM
Radio for two
Russian Radio Songs
Radio Premium
Superdiskoteka 90
Zaytsev.FM Pop
Beeline FM
Radio Passage
Medlyak FM
Friday Radio
Shtorm.fm Russian Storm
Umax FM
Shtorm.fm Club Storm
Hope FM
Yum FM
Favorite radio
RadioK *
Coherent Radio
Russian Mix
Pilot FM
Lounge FM Chill Out
Jam FM
SI Radio
Odessa Mama
your Radio
Radio Bolide
San FM Relax
Kiss FM
Zaytsev.FM – Chanson
Lounge FM Terrace
Just radio
Radio Sputnik. Russia today
Radio Continental
Satellite Radio
Radio Vanya
Trancemission Radio
Age Ringtones
Pioneer FM
Radio Premium Russian top
Radio Olympus
Nomercy Radio
Pepper FM
FM Radio Good
Euronews Radio
Moscow Radio
bTuner \ s station
NPO Soul & Jazz
WUCF-FM 89.9 Jazz and More
Party Vibe Rock
JAZZ Vocals
Free Americana
SoundPark Deep

+ 40 stations

If you want to add or remove
Your radio to / from the application,
please write to

See detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/OTIUm4


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