Amman Suprabhatam & Kavasam – Beautiful 03 Songs of Amman Suprabhatham and Kavasam

Amman Suprabhatam & Kavasam

Beautiful 03 Songs of Amman Suprabhatham and Kavasam

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Mariamman is an ancient goddess, whose worship probably originated from pre-Vedic mother goddess cult of Dravidian people before the arrival of the Aryans in India. In Tamil language, the word ‘Maari’ would mean rain and ‘amman’ would literally mean mother but here “mother nature.” She was believed and worshipped by the ancient Dravidian people to bring rain and hence prosperity to them as their vegetation was mainly dependent upon rain. The goddess was not a local deity, connected to a specific location but worshiped throughout the Dravidian nation and now troughout the world. To our knowledge, our opalocka Mariamman Temple is the first of it’s kind in North America. It connects people from West Indies, and East India particularly from southern part.

The worshipping methods are non-vedic and often accompanied by various kinds of folk dancing and worship with Siddhas’ songs like Mariamman Thaalaatttu (See Guruji’s page for more explanation). Offerings such as Pongal and Koozh that were cooked using earthen pots are also made during the festive season. Rituals such as fire walking and mouth or nose piercing, Karagam, Kannadakkam, Vibrarions with Amman’s energy, are also practiced usually. Many of these practices are designed by Siddhas to attain Amman’s energy for positive purposes.

List of songs in “Amman Kavalam”:-
1) Amman Kavalam
2) Amman Poo Pattu
3) Amman Suprabhatham

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