Asgard – The Asgard APP from Clint gives you full control of your Asgard Wi-Fi speakers.


The Asgard APP from Clint gives you full control of your Asgard Wi-Fi speakers.

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Welcome to the world of wireless music from Clint®.
Clint Asgard speakers are wireless speakers with Airplay and DLNA support.
With the Clint Asgard App you can setup and control your
Clint Asgard wireless speakers easily and convenient.

*Configure the settings of your Asgard speakers.
-You can setup network connection for your wireless speakers.
-Rename your speakers (SSID) to e.g. match their placement like
Kitchen, Bathroom, Office etc.

*Control your speakers.
-Adjust each speaker volume individually.
-Control and adjust the EQ settings for each speaker (Bass, Mid, Treble).
-Setup two speakers in stereo
-Setup speakers for MultiRoom (WHA) support (DLNA only).
-Up to 4 speakers can set into Party Mode (MultiRoom) so you can enjoy
music all over your home.

*DLNA Player
-Fully DLNA supported player built into our Clint Asgard APP so you can
playback shared music from network devices such as NAS drives, PCs,
MACs or other supported media servers, as well as the local music stored on your device.
-Fully enjoy the MultiRoom (WHA) functionality of our speakers by using DLNA playback.

The Asgard App must be able to always run properly, even in
background mode or when phone is in lock mode.
On some phones, it might be necessary to check that Wi-Fi is always kept alive
and App optimization setting is set to OFF (under battery settings).

Please make sure that you have the latest firmware
installed on your Asgard speakers, to ensure full
functionality and compatibility with this APP.
For more information regarding firmware update
please visit :

See detail information:


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