Best Guitar Tuner – Tune the instrument with this amazing app!

Best Guitar Tuner

Tune the instrument with this amazing app!

Best Guitar Tuner screenshot 0Best Guitar Tuner screenshot 1Best Guitar Tuner screenshot 2Best Guitar Tuner screenshot 3Best Guitar Tuner screenshot 4Best Guitar Tuner screenshot 5Best Guitar Tuner screenshot 6Best Guitar Tuner screenshot 7Best Guitar Tuner screenshot 8Best Guitar Tuner screenshot 9Best Guitar Tuner screenshot 10Best Guitar Tuner screenshot 11Best Guitar Tuner screenshot 12Best Guitar Tuner screenshot 13Best Guitar Tuner screenshot 14Best Guitar Tuner screenshot 15Best Guitar Tuner screenshot 16Best Guitar Tuner screenshot 17

Your favorite instrument doesn’t sound as it should? This user-friendly music tuner allows to tune it precisely! You don’t need to buy expensive physical devices to make your instrument sounds splendid. Best Tuner is an application perfect for amateurs and professional musicians. Nice design and easy interface will make the tuning procedure a pure pleasure! This is the ultimate chromatic tuner for electric, classic, acoustic guitar, bass, ukulele, trumpet, mandolin, violin, viola, cello, fiddle, banjo, balalaika and many other string instruments!

You can select one from three modes:
♫ AUTO – automatic tuning – examined frequency of the signal is interpreted to the next clear sound (in the range of -50 to +50 cents) of the specific frequencies of pure sound,
♫ SOUND – sound tuning – select a specific sound that will be tuned,
♫ PLAY – generate the sound based on the particular frequency.

The buttons on the screen allows to play the individual sound of a guitar strings and the sound of the middle “A” on piano. Settings allow you to specify the sensitivity of the microphones, the base frequency and the deviation in cents on the frequency of 440 Hz There is also the possibility to define a specific octave and the names of sounds.

– Simple and easy to use guitar tuner for electric or acoustic guitars
– Features nice and clean interface allowing you to quickly find your pitch
– Now you can learn how to play the guitar
– High pitch noise
– Perfect for guitarists!

Don’t bother yourself with other tuners, download Best Tuner!

Detail information and download apk file for android:


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