Jukebox 2012 Free Edition Latest Version APK for Android

download Jukebox 2012 Free Edition apk
download Jukebox 2012 Free Edition apk

Wurlitzer style jukebox for party music. Rolling Stones or One Direction Retro !. Jukebox 2012 Free Edition is offered by Mike Dent. Last Updated: December 01, 2016. Current Version: 2.7

The Android Jukebox 2012 software has been designed to be a simple to operate table top music player. Place your favourite party music onto the device and the software will do the rest. Simply swipe through the pages of music and touch the title track to add to the playlist.
Plug in your speakers, headphones or bluetooth.
It is ideal for parties of any age group or technical ability to use. Forget Spotify and other streaming apps and bring back the good old days.

Recommended for large screen phones and all tablets.

If you like my app then please consider buying the full version and support the developer.

Various Wurlitzer style retro backgrounds now added.

If you are happy with my app then please leave feedback as it makes a huge difference. If you are not happy then feel free to contact me and I will see if I can resolve any issues.

Latest Updates

Version 2.7 – Removed Text on main sceen

Version 2.6 – Toggle Playlist / Numbers on search

Version 2.4 – Extra Options Requested by Users

Version 2.3 – Options and Playlist saving / loading

Version 2.1a – Fixed Exit Advert

Version 2.1 – Bug Fixes.

Version 2.0 – Purchased version only – (Party Mode)

Version 1.9 – Fixes case sensitive problem on artist names.

Version 1.8 – Different backgrounds available.


Jukebox 2012 Free Edition 2017

Jukebox 2012 Free Edition 2.7 screenshot

Jukebox 2012 Free Edition screenshot 0Jukebox 2012 Free Edition screenshot 1Jukebox 2012 Free Edition screenshot 2Jukebox 2012 Free Edition screenshot 3Jukebox 2012 Free Edition screenshot 4Jukebox 2012 Free Edition screenshot 5Jukebox 2012 Free Edition screenshot 6Jukebox 2012 Free Edition screenshot 7Jukebox 2012 Free Edition screenshot 8Jukebox 2012 Free Edition screenshot 9Jukebox 2012 Free Edition screenshot 10Jukebox 2012 Free Edition screenshot 11Jukebox 2012 Free Edition screenshot 12Jukebox 2012 Free Edition screenshot 13Jukebox 2012 Free Edition screenshot 14

Android Music & Audio Apps download https://goo.gl/ZCpOhG


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