Drums lastest APK version by QP Studios

Drums apk
Drums apk

Learn, play or listen drums! Drums Pro real percussion on your Android device. Drums is offered by QP Studios. Last Updated: December 03, 2016. Current Version: 2.0.6

Our Real drum kit simulator offers you unique music experience like never before.
Play, listen or learn drums like professional.

You can play Drums pro percussion for fun, school or band practice it’s yours choice.
Drum sounds works in real time even on old devices.

Some features:
– 12 lessons to learn
– 14 different drums and cymbals
– Drum kit creator
– More fingers touch / tap at same time
– Real drum sounds
– Low latency sounds

Coming up new features like new drum sounds, equalizer, other drums and cymbals models, metronome, recording device, sound player for playing own sounds and sharing of recorded music on social networks.

Latest Updates

Added lessons option for learning drums.

New instruments Cowbell and stick on snare.

Screen rotation fixed.

New better quality drums sounds.

New graphics


Drums 2017

Download Drums

Download Drums APK

Drums for Android

Download Drums for Android

Download Drums APK for Android

Drums 2.0.6 screenshot

Drums screenshot 0Drums screenshot 1Drums screenshot 2Drums screenshot 3Drums screenshot 4Drums screenshot 5Drums screenshot 6Drums screenshot 7Drums screenshot 8Drums screenshot 9Drums screenshot 10Drums screenshot 11Drums screenshot 12Drums screenshot 13Drums screenshot 14Drums screenshot 15Drums screenshot 16Drums screenshot 17Drums screenshot 18Drums screenshot 19Drums screenshot 20

Android Music & Audio Apps download https://goo.gl/ZCpOhG


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