Cifras offLine – Do not waste time on the internet, download the App now chords offline.

Cifras offLine

Do not waste time on the internet, download the App now chords offline.

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* If you want a version without ads and help in the development of the App, please get the PRO version or Plus the Play Store. The Plus version has more than 360 000 encrypted music and tabs of more than 53,900 artists

** The App itself is small, about 10MB internal memory. The rest of the package is formed by the database to be stored in external memory, which is usually the SD card. Some devices provide portions of the internal and external memory.

With chords offline you will have an immense collection of encrypted music on your mobile.

More than 195,000 encrypted music and tabs of more than 7,450 artists already stored in the App, eliminating the need to access the internet to get the figures.

The App has a chord dictionary containing over 800 chords and more than 5,100 variations of chords.

After selecting an encrypted music or tablature, App carries in a viewer where you can automatically scroll the song and select the speed of the scroll.

In the viewer and the figures Tabs, you can increase or decrease the pitch of the song, allowing a better performance of the music and suitability for the voice of the singer.

If you are playing an encrypted music and not know a chord or need to find a more faithful change the music, the App has the functionality to display the chord of encrypted music to click on it. When viewing the chord, the App also shows its variations.

A search tool is available to facilitate find a song or artist within the multitude of options available.

To further facilitate the App has the functionality of favoritar artists and songs. Thus, access to your music and most played artists is much more practical and fast.

Besides favoritar artists or favorite songs, the App has the ability to create playlists. Where you can create collections of songs to be loaded and accessed quickly, facilitating play music collections for every occasion.

Whether looking for an artist or song and you can not find in the more than 6,600 artists and over 165,000 in encrypted songs already available, the App provides the functionality for downloading encrypted songs.

Summary of functionality and features available in the App Tabs offline:

– More than 7,450 artists
– More than 195,000 encrypted music and tablatures
– Chord Dictionary
    – More than 800 chords
    – More than 5100 chord variations
– Search artist and music
– Bookmark artists and songs
– Create playlists with music collections
– Download new songs encrypted.
– Music Viewer encrypted scrolling and selection of scrolling speed.
– Change Tone encrypted music.
– Edit encrypted music.
– Insert songs manually.

Do not waste time on the internet, download now the App Tabs offline.

Keywords: Cipher, Tablature, Directory, Music, Artist, Chord.

Download apk file:


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