FPlay – Music player with clean interface, equalizer, bass boost and customizable colors


Music player with clean interface, equalizer, bass boost and customizable colors

FPlay screenshot 0FPlay screenshot 1FPlay screenshot 2FPlay screenshot 3FPlay screenshot 4FPlay screenshot 5FPlay screenshot 6FPlay screenshot 7FPlay screenshot 8FPlay screenshot 9FPlay screenshot 10FPlay screenshot 11FPlay screenshot 12FPlay screenshot 13FPlay screenshot 14FPlay screenshot 15FPlay screenshot 16FPlay screenshot 17FPlay screenshot 18FPlay screenshot 19FPlay screenshot 20FPlay screenshot 21FPlay screenshot 22FPlay screenshot 23

FPlay for Android is a simple and lightweight music player, with clean interface, equalizer, bass boost and customizable colors. And what is best: it is completely open source – the source is available at github.com/carlosrafaelgn/FPlayAndroid

The main goal of this project is to provide the users with a fully functional music player based on lists and folders. The player itself does not consume too much memory, and respects WCAG 2.0 accessibility guidelines for colors and contrast, being friendly for color blind people, people with a few types of dyslexia, as well as for people with mild visual impairments.

FPlay can be integrated to Arduino, or other electronic board, via Bluetooth SPP – Serial Port Profile 😀

The Arduino library is available on GitHub: github.com/carlosrafaelgn/FPlayArduino

The player also has these other features:
– Multi-window + Chromebook
– Online radio directory: SHOUTcast + Icecast
– Color and theme customization
– Native support for dyslexia-friendly typeface (improved readability)
– Ability to send track information via A2DP / AVRCP Bluetooth (tested on Android 4.0+)
– Ability to play streams from the Internet
– Volume fade in when returning from calls and from pause
– Real-time spectrum analyzer
– Fully controllable via keyboard
– Controllable via Bluetooth audio devices (tested on Android 4.0+)
– Low latency between consecutive track changes on Android 4.1+
– Full control from the notification area
– Volume control integrated with the system’s control
– Resizable widget
– Programmable turn off timer
– Shuffle mode
– TalkBack
– Audio virtualization
– External USB
– Access to Icecast online radio stations

The player is still in a “beta stage”, so there may be a few unknown bugs yet. Please, let me know if you happen to come across one of them 😉

The typeface used as the dyslexia-friendly typeface is OpenDyslexic Regular, by Abelardo Gonzalez, available at dyslexicfonts.com

Available in seven languages! 😀
– Deutsch
– English
– Español
– Français
– Português (Brasil)
– Русский
– Українська

Detail information: https://goo.gl/sK5dMu


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