Professional Tone Generator – Professional Audio Tone Generator app for the Sound engineer and musician

Professional Tone Generator

Professional Audio Tone Generator app for the Sound engineer and musician

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Trial / Full version

It is a tecnical app, yet simple to use. It runs in the background and has lot of features, check below!

What you can do with this app:
– Speaker tests
– Fine tune an audio system
– Create relaxation and meditations sounds
– Noise mask
– Sleep inducing with pink noise
– Find the Tinnitus frequency.
– Age hearing loss test.
– Learn many facts about sound
– Your imagination is the limit!

– Rock solid, double precision, real time, accurate, wave generator (64-bit precision IEEE 754 floating point engine)
– Sweep tone generator (linear or logarithmic for musicians)
– Real time manual frequency increment or decrement (accurate, without pops and clicks)
– Loops (continuous, with no lag, no clicks)
– Amplitude modulation
– 6 tracks real time multi-tone generator
– White noise generator
– Pink noise generator
– Save favorite tones and sweeps in a list for future use
– Precise left/right channel volume control
– Possibility to invert one channel for cancellation effects.
– Many, many pre-programmed sound tests, ready to be used by the sound professional

This app has a free 7 days trial period that let you check the value of this app. Than you can upgrade to Pro without having to install another app. Please support Android app development !

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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