Earbits Music Discovery App – Free music discovery app. No ads / commercials. Streaming the hottest new bands.

Earbits Music Discovery App

Free music discovery app. No ads / commercials. Streaming the hottest new bands.

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Earbits is a free music-streaming app, with no subscriptions, commercials or advertisements of any sort. With an emphasis on music discovery, Earbits offers highly curated stations, combined with seamless functionality; listeners can create playlists, play tracks on demand, and skip forwards or backwards with no restrictions. Our team of music experts & music lovers are constantly crafting discovery stations, to ensure an unbeatable and brand new listening experience, every day of the week. Go no further than our home screen to find each editor’s latest daily offering. If you love what you’re hearing, save the entire station as a playlist and personalize it!

Know what you like already? Browse or search through our genre stations, where we’ve got you covered in everything from Rock to Pop to EDM to Jazz, and absolutely everything in between. Really know what you like? Dig deeper into our subgenres where you can find stations as specific and diverse as Melodic Metal-Core, Indie-Pop, and West Coast Hip Hop.

Our collections don’t end with genres, though; we also provide stations to accompany the activities of our listeners’ daily routines. Browse through our mood and activity section for the perfect musical pairing to your workout, study session, party or nap – whatever you’re up to, we’ve got free music to compliment it.

Earbits is more than just listening to great music; it’s about connecting fans with the artists who’ve created that music. When you discover a new gem, the app makes it super simple to get behind the scenes with mailing list signups and artist profiles, where you can browse photos, bios and albums – save favorites and create playlists as you go.

The music on Earbits radio is constantly evolving and we spend our days and nights finding the latest and greatest music so that you never run out of new discoveries.

Earbits Radio is for you if:

– You love music
– You love discovering new bands and artists
– You want a commercial free and ad free listening experience
– You want to listen on demand without a subscription
– You’re tired of being force fed the same old Top 40 sound

Connect with Earbits on:
Facebook: facebook.com/earbits/
Twitter: twitter.com/earbits

We would love to hear from you, contact us at android@earbits.com

Detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/3sQSLT


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