Shary Music Player Latest Version APK for Android

Shary Music Player apk
Shary Music Player apk

Best music player that you can share your songs to friends. Shary Music Player is offered by 2421 Moreno. Last Updated: December 05, 2016. Current Version:

Shary is a free music player designed for people who want to connect with others through music as much as they love music.

With Shary, you can not only enjoy all the features a music player can offer but also the cool features you can expect from social media and messenger apps:

• See what your friends and nearby users are listening to in real time.
Let your friends listen to your songs simultaneously with you by streaming.
• Chat and share music with others. Like and comment on their songs and stories.
• Discover and follow people who have similar music tastes by exploring their playlist and favorites.

Start playing your music on Shary and connect with people in a whole new way!

Here are the key features Shary offers:

Music Player
Metadata Editor – You can easily edit title, file name, album image, lyrics, genre and more!
Sound Effects – Bass Adjuster, Surround Sound Effects and 10 Genre Optimized Equalizer (Jazz, Pop, Dance, Classical, Folk, Rock, Hip Hop, Heavy Metal, Flat)
Audio Visualizer and Display – Cool Audio Visualizer effects with Lyrics Display feature. Also displays users who have recently listened, liked, and commented on the song.
Youtube Music Video – Automatically matches and displays Youtube music video for the song
• Plays songs from folders and own library
• Set an album image as wallpaper
• Plays mp3, mp4, ogg, flac, wav file formats
App Widget: Basic, Basic+Lyrics View
Sleep timer
Ringtone Maker: Create custom ringtones from your favorite songs.

Share Your Music
• You can share your songs on your device with your friends in a chat room via one-time streaming for free – You and your friend can listen to the same music simultaneously wherever you are!
• Web link share : You can also share your songs to iPhone, PC users via other apps(Email, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp….)

Social Networking Features
Like & Comment on the music while playing – immediately becomes available for view to other users on the player screen.
Your Music Story – Write a post with audio, Youtube video, and pictures. It will show up on your friends and followers’ story immediately for them to like and comment.
User Page – Displays your playlist, stories and favorite songs as well as your friends and followers list
Music Page – Displays a list of people who recently listened to, commented on and liked the music. Also provides lyrics and a link to Youtube videos

• Our free chat feature provides an innovative SLIDE MULTI CHAT WINDOWS. With one swipe, you can easily move to the next chat room when you’re chatting with multiple friends.
WE DO NOT STORE YOUR CHAT MESSAGES in our server not even for a second. Once your message is delivered to your friend, it is completely erased from our server.
• You can see what your friend is currently listening to, request to stream and play that song for you, stream your own music, share photos and Youtube videos all at the same time in a chat room.

Latest Updates

Support changing home menu order.

Bugs fixed.


Optimized for Android 7.0 (Nougat)

Upgraded chatting (faster and stable)

Supports more music file formats for sharing (ogg, m4a, wav…)

Prevent auto start when audio or video is playing in another app

Change album arts of a folder or a album at once

Share songs to iPhone, PC users

Rename/Delete Genre at once

Added App Widgets(Display lyrics)

Updated Mp3 MetaData Editor (Integrated Bing Image Search)


Shary Music Player 2017

Shary Music Player APK

Download Shary Music Player

Download Shary Music Player APK

Shary Music Player for Android

Download Shary Music Player for Android

Download Shary Music Player APK for Android

Shary Music Player screenshot

Shary Music Player screenshot 0Shary Music Player screenshot 1Shary Music Player screenshot 2Shary Music Player screenshot 3Shary Music Player screenshot 4Shary Music Player screenshot 5Shary Music Player screenshot 6Shary Music Player screenshot 7

Shary Music Player apk video

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