Volume control – Vollynx Latest Version APK for Android

Volume control - Vollynx apk
Volume control – Vollynx apk

Intelligently controls the volume of the speakers and the headphones. Volume control – Vollynx is offered by LOADLYNX. Last Updated: December 05, 2016. Current Version: 1.0.0

Vollynx is an application that intelligently controls the volume of the speakers and the headphones. And you don’t need to hassle changing the 4 volume-modes like the normal mode, the manner mode, the silent mode any more.
[Main Features]
■ You can set the initial value of the volumes in the normal mode, the manner mode, and the silent mode.
■ You can use the “volume lock” for every modes and volumes.
(The “volume lock” is a feature that disables to change the volume except by the application UI, in order to prevent misoperation of the volume key.)
■ You can also link the application UI and the switches of the terminal side to change the volume modes.
■ You can set the volumes individually to each modes like the music sound, the notification alarms(ringtones, system alarms), the calling tone, the alarm volume, the wired headphones, the Bluetooth headphones and also the earphones volume.
■ You can use the option locking every sound when the phone is in sleeping mode. (Default OFF)
(It prevents the misoperation of the volume button while the phone is in a bag or pocket.)
■ You can installed the widget to switch between the 4 modes.
[Additional Features]
■ You can use the option that guides the timely mode on the home screen.(Default ON)
■ Additional to the normal mode, the manner mode, the silent mode, you can also choose the volume mode that only controls the volume.
■ Please try to restart the Android OS if the widget does not appear in the list.
■ Please acknowledge that with Android 4.0 or higher specification, ringtone, notification sound and system sound will be the same volume. Since this is by the design of Android, it can’t be changed.

Latest Updates


– Discontinued display / non-display of notification icon.

(I always turned on the notification icon because the pause problem of the service was not completely improved)

– The ON / OFF of sound was abolished.

(Due to user’s point of failure, related functions were abolished from some OS)


Volume control – Vollynx 2017

Volume control – Vollynx 1.0.0 screenshot

Volume control - Vollynx screenshot 0Volume control - Vollynx screenshot 1Volume control - Vollynx screenshot 2

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