Professional Karaoke Latest Version APK for Android

Professional Karaoke download
Professional Karaoke download

Karaoke with MP3, WAVE Audio and TXT, JPG File. Professional Karaoke is offered by Android Code. Last Updated: December 06, 2016. Current Version: 6.0

Mp3Karaoke is an application for the tablet, designed for professional singers and musicians.
In this version, as regards the audio, you can use “mp3” or “wave” files, while for what concerns the lyrics or music, you can only enter “.txt” format or “jpg” for musical scores .
With this application, you can, if necessary, also store all of your lyrics and musical bases in a database. In this way you will have the possibility to edit or delete the Stored data in the same database, as well as create your own “playlists”.
The application also has an equalizer, which offers precisely “equalize” the audio effect to you more congenial.
In addition, by storing the data in the database, you will also have the opportunity to customize the font size of the text and adjust the scrolling speed of the text or the score, depending on the various needs.
Moreover, not only can you slide the text already stored automatically depending on the speed in the database, but, with the aid of a button created “ad hoc”, you can either stop it before resuming the flow of the text itself.


Professional Karaoke 2017

Download Professional Karaoke APK

Professional Karaoke for Android

Download Professional Karaoke for Android

Download Professional Karaoke APK for Android

Professional Karaoke 6.0 screenshot

Professional Karaoke screenshot 0Professional Karaoke screenshot 1Professional Karaoke screenshot 2

See more information and download apk file for android:

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