Songtive: Compose on Walk lastest version by Songtive

Songtive: Compose on Walk apk
Songtive: Compose on Walk apk

Songwriting & composing tool. Social Network. Chord Progression Builder. Songtive: Compose on Walk is offered by Songtive. Last Updated: December 06, 2016. Current Version: 2.6.126

Songtive is a songwriting tool, band and social network for musicians of all levels. Songtive allows you to compose, experiment with arrangements for songs provided by the Songtive community or songs you have created yourself. It helps you to organize your favorite songs and chord charts, and to share them with your friends.
It’s easy to use other users’ styles or drumsets for your own songs. Just choose your style (or styles) and Songtive will do the rest. For greater flexibility, you can create drumsets and attach them to your song, with different drumsets and styles for intro, outro, and the start/end of particular sections.
Choosing a style does not restrict you to one instrument. You can create styles to play flute for only the root note of song chords, adding another style to play arpeggiated chord.
Song Editor helps you to quickly find chords and set alternative names for them. If you don’t see the correct alternative chord name, just send us your request and we’ll add it at the next update.

You can use Songitve for lots of different ways – you can practice a song with the help of guitar & piano chords. You can create arrangements and use it as electronic accompany band or just use Songtive to compose a unique ringtone by exporting your composed music/songs as MP3 files.

See our video tutorials to better understand Songtive’s flexibility:

Songtive Features:

• You can create, compose, accompany your own song/music and attach custom styles/drumsets. Songtive will do the rest
• Unlimited number of styles/drumsets
• Unlimited ways to use custom accompaniment created by you
• Wide set of instruments including: Piano, Guitar, Bass, Viola, Acoustic Guitar, Flute, Cello and others
• Convert your song, plus accompaniment, to MIDI/MP3 file or to use it as ringtone.
• Store your songs in Songtive cloud
• Songtive has read-only web access, allowing you to share your song/music with friends using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or use the embed mode to embed it into your blog
• Flexible mixer to allow mute, solo or specific styles/drumsets in your song
• Share your records via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.
• Change tempo, key signature, time signature, keys and instruments
• Guitar chords
• Piano chords

Enjoy, and stay tuned for more updates. This is only the beginning!

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What’s New

Fixed crash related to multiple storages (thanks to Frederik L.)

Improved notation engine.

Other minor improvements.

Community Forum:


Songtive: Compose on Walk APK

Download Songtive: Compose on Walk

Download Songtive: Compose on Walk APK

Songtive: Compose on Walk for Android

Download Songtive: Compose on Walk for Android

Download Songtive: Compose on Walk APK for Android

Songtive: Compose on Walk 2.6.126 screenshot

Songtive: Compose on Walk screenshot 0Songtive: Compose on Walk screenshot 1Songtive: Compose on Walk screenshot 2Songtive: Compose on Walk screenshot 3Songtive: Compose on Walk screenshot 4Songtive: Compose on Walk screenshot 5Songtive: Compose on Walk screenshot 6Songtive: Compose on Walk screenshot 7Songtive: Compose on Walk screenshot 8Songtive: Compose on Walk screenshot 9Songtive: Compose on Walk screenshot 10

Songtive: Compose on Walk apk video

Download apk file:

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