Download Voice Cross Trainer lastest version by TC-Helicon Vocal Technologies for Android

Voice Cross Trainer apk
Voice Cross Trainer apk

Voice Cross Trainer by Kim Chandler – A Progressive Training Program For Singers. Voice Cross Trainer is offered by TC-Helicon Vocal Technologies. Last Updated: December 06, 2016. Current Version: 1.5

Voice Cross Trainer by Kim Chandler brings you tried and proven exercises and techniques for training, improving, maintaining, and getting in touch with your own vocal health. Developed with world renowned vocal coach Kim Chandler, this app is your daily companion to getting your voice in shape, and keeping it that way. Proper vocal fitness is the key to singing success.

Let Kim walk you through her program of vocal fitness with videos of how to perform each exercise properly, and use the vari-speed audio player to guide you through the exercises themselves at your own pace. Built in visualizations allow you to more effectively understand how your vocal fitness is improving as time goes by, keeping track of how you are progressing.

Regardless of your level of experience, Kim’s system of “voice cross training” will quickly help you bring your vocals to new and exciting places, all while giving you a deeper knowledge of your voice, and range. Train your vocals, find your voice.

Test & Officially Supported Devices(by manufacturer):

Latest Updates

Updated product support links.


Voice Cross Trainer 2017

Download Voice Cross Trainer APK for Android

Voice Cross Trainer 1.5 screenshot

Voice Cross Trainer screenshot 0Voice Cross Trainer screenshot 1Voice Cross Trainer screenshot 2Voice Cross Trainer screenshot 3Voice Cross Trainer screenshot 4Voice Cross Trainer screenshot 5Voice Cross Trainer screenshot 6Voice Cross Trainer screenshot 7Voice Cross Trainer screenshot 8Voice Cross Trainer screenshot 9Voice Cross Trainer screenshot 10Voice Cross Trainer screenshot 11

Voice Cross Trainer apk video

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Download Magnificat (Bach BWV 243) lastest version for Android

Magnificat (Bach BWV 243) apk
Magnificat (Bach BWV 243) apk

One of the eight most ancient Christian hymns. Magnificat (Bach BWV 243) is offered by 달란트(Talanton). Last Updated: December 06, 2016. Current Version: 1.1.4

BACH: Magnificat BWV 243

The Magnificat (Latin: [My soul] magnifies) — also known as the Song of Mary or the Canticle of Mary — is a canticle frequently sung (or spoken) liturgically in Christian church services. It is one of the eight most ancient Christian hymns and perhaps the earliest Marian hymn. Its name comes from the first word of the Latin version of the canticle’s text.
The text of the canticle is taken directly from the Gospel of Luke (Luke 1:46-55) where it is spoken by the Virgin Mary upon the occasion of her Visitation to her cousin Elizabeth. In the narrative, after Mary greets Elizabeth, who is pregnant with the future John the Baptist, the child moves within Elizabeth’s womb. When Elizabeth praises Mary for her faith, Mary sings what is now known as the Magnificat in response.
Within Christianity, the Magnificat is most frequently recited within the Liturgy of the Hours. In Western Christianity, the Magnificat is most often sung or recited during the main evening prayer service: Vespers within Roman Catholicism and Lutheranism, and Evening Prayer (or Evensong) within Anglicanism. In Eastern Christianity, the Magnificat is usually sung at Sunday Matins. Among Protestant groups, the Magnificat may also be sung during worship services.
(Quotation : Wikipedia)

– Judith Blegen (soprano)
– Helga Müller Molinari (alto)
– Francisco Araiza (tenor)
– Robert Holl (bass)

– Herbert von Karajan (cembalo, conductor)
– RIAS-Kammerhor
– Berliner Philharmoniker

– Applause [0:33]
– 1. Magnificat anima mea [3:07]
– 2.Et exsultavit spiritus meus [2:52]
– 3. Quia respexit humilitatem 4. Omnes generationes [4:43]
– 5. Quia fecit mihi magna [2:05]
– 6. Et misericordia [3:46]
– 7. Fecit potentiam [2:33]
– 8. Desposuit potentes [2:19]
– 9. Esurientes implevit bonis [4:08]
– 10. Suscepit Israel [2:38]
– 11. Sicut locutus est [1:24]
– 12. Gloria Patri [4:12]

The file size of app. is over 50MB, so we need further download of resource after app. is downloaded.
Please wait a moment until all of resources are downloaded.
Thank you for your usage. Have a nice day!


Magnificat (Bach BWV 243) 2017

Download Magnificat (Bach BWV 243) APK for Android

Magnificat (Bach BWV 243) 1.1.4 screenshot

Magnificat (Bach BWV 243) screenshot 0Magnificat (Bach BWV 243) screenshot 1Magnificat (Bach BWV 243) screenshot 2Magnificat (Bach BWV 243) screenshot 3Magnificat (Bach BWV 243) screenshot 4

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Download Voices of LoL – Soundboard lastest APK version by SySoft

Voices of LoL - Soundboard download
Voices of LoL – Soundboard download

Listen to your favorite champions from League of Legends speak in 17 languages!. Voices of LoL – Soundboard is offered by SySoft. Last Updated: December 06, 2016. Current Version: 1.3.1

Get your favorite champion quotes from the biggest MOBA League of Legends™ in 17 languages!

Get to know better the champions you love with all the quotes they say during the game in all the different languages around the world. Perfectly categorized and sorted voices so you can quickly find out what triggers the voice.

You can also share the voice with your friends using the built-in share button, and set the sound as your default ringtone, notification and alarm sounds.

This soundboard includes over 300.000 sounds, with over 180 champions and skins, including NPC’s and announcer voices, and all of them available in the following languages:

English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, German, Spanish (LAN/LAS), Spanish (Spain), Turkish, French, Italian, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Czech, Greek

This app is not officially endorsed by Riot Games™ and we are not affiliated with them.

Latest Updates


– Fixed some bugs and crashes on the Guessing Game

– Added mode on the Guessing Game to play without skins


– Added Elementalist Lux, Camille/Program Camille & Radiant Wukong

– Added Guessing Game!

– Added Popstar Ahri recall, Tryndamere W, Valor sounds on Quinn, Popstar Ahri KR voices and Forecast Janna whistle

– New category added for warding voices

– Updated voices for Shyvana(PT) and XinZhao/Zyra(LAN)

Previous versions changelog:


Voices of LoL – Soundboard 2017

Download Voices of LoL – Soundboard

Download Voices of LoL – Soundboard APK

Voices of LoL – Soundboard for Android

Download Voices of LoL – Soundboard for Android

Download Voices of LoL – Soundboard APK for Android

Voices of LoL – Soundboard 1.3.1 screenshot

Voices of LoL - Soundboard screenshot 0Voices of LoL - Soundboard screenshot 1Voices of LoL - Soundboard screenshot 2Voices of LoL - Soundboard screenshot 3

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Actualidad Media Group lastest APK version by Streann Media

Actualidad Media Group download
Actualidad Media Group download

Actualidad AM y Exitos 107. Actualidad Media Group is offered by Streann Media. Last Updated: December 06, 2016. Current Version: 3.0.18

Integrado por Actualidad / WMYM 990AM, WURN 1020AM, WLVJ 1040AM, y Éxitos WURN 107.1FM, cubriendo los Condados Miami Dade, Broward, Monroe y Palm Beach, Actualidad Media Group es un consorcio radial en el Sur de Florida que ha ido creciendo de manera constante, desde su lanzamiento en Enero de 2010. Desde su fundación, se ha centrado en diseñar una programación multiétnica, para servirles a las comunidades hispanas, que representan la diversidad demográfica presente en el Sur de Florida. El grupo posee una afiliación exclusiva con CNN en Español, con Copa Mundial de la FIFA, la Selección Mexicana, CONCACAF Eliminatorias de la Copa Mundial, la Copa América, la Copa Oro, NFL – Sunday Night Football y University of Miami: Hurricanes Football, Basketball, y Baseball. De esta forma Actualidad Media Group está preparada para servir a sus clientes y a la comunidad a través de una completa plataforma 360, diseñada para llegar a su target donde quiera que se encuentre.

What’s New

Nuevo diseño, mejora en el servicio de streaming, integración con redes sociales y mejor experiencia en la interface de usuario.


Actualidad Media Group 2017

Download Actualidad Media Group

Download Actualidad Media Group APK

Actualidad Media Group for Android

Download Actualidad Media Group for Android

Download Actualidad Media Group APK for Android

Actualidad Media Group 3.0.18 screenshot

Actualidad Media Group screenshot 0Actualidad Media Group screenshot 1

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Download Tiësto APK lastest version by Stradigi

Tiësto download
Tiësto download

Download the brand new Tiësto app, presented by Budweiser. Tiësto is offered by Stradigi. Last Updated: December 06, 2016. Current Version: 1.0.5

Download the brand new Tiësto app, presented by Budweiser.

With the new and improved app, you can:

– Stream over 400 hours of the Club Life by Tiësto podcast
– Exclusive access to hour 2 of the podcast every week! (only available in the app)
– Save podcasts to your device for offline listening
– Manage your favorites
– Search by number and by track name
– Skip directly to a track within a podcast

– Much more

The app also offers:
– The ability to stream featured singles and albums
– Full tour dates
– Official video feed
– The ability to connect via Facebook and across devices

More features coming very soon!

What’s New

– Minor bug fixes


Tiësto 2017

Tiësto for Android

Download Tiësto for Android

Download Tiësto APK for Android

Tiësto 1.0.5 screenshot

Tiësto screenshot 0Tiësto screenshot 1Tiësto screenshot 2Tiësto screenshot 3Tiësto screenshot 4Tiësto screenshot 5Tiësto screenshot 6Tiësto screenshot 7Tiësto screenshot 8Tiësto screenshot 9Tiësto screenshot 10Tiësto screenshot 11Tiësto screenshot 12Tiësto screenshot 13Tiësto screenshot 14

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Stitcher Radio for Podcasts lastest version for Android

Stitcher Radio for Podcasts apk
Stitcher Radio for Podcasts apk

Stream your favorite radio shows and podcasts on demand. Stitcher Radio for Podcasts is offered by Stitcher, Inc. Last Updated: December 06, 2016

* 20 Best Apps – TechCrunch
* 25 Top Android Apps – TIME Magazine
* Essential Driving App –

Listen on demand to your favorite news, comedy, sports and talk radio shows and podcasts from sources like NPR, CNN, Fox News, ESPN, This American Life, BBC and more. Stream or download episodes for offline listening. Stitcher also helps you discover interesting things to listen to from over 65,000 shows, based on your listening habits. Change the way you listen to radio – on your schedule, not the schedule of traditional radio.


* CREATE CUSTOM STATIONS: “Stitch” together your favorite shows in a playlist to create customized stations.

* DISCOVER NEW SHOWS: Stitcher helps you find new shows you’ll love by recommending shows other listeners of the same show also like, as well as personalized show recommendations based on your listening.

* LISTEN ON DEMAND: Get the latest episodes of your favorite shows as soon as they are released, without the hassle of downloading and syncing podcasts. You can also download episodes for offline listening.

* GET BREAKING NEWS: Keep up with the day’s biggest stories on the front page and via breaking news audio alerts sent to your phone.

* SHARE WITH FRIENDS: Share your favorite shows on Twitter, Facebook and email.

Stitcher is the best way to stay connected with the information that’s important to you. Stitcher Radio is a smarter way to listen to the radio.


– 20 Best Apps – TechCrunch
– 25 Top Android Apps – TIME Magazine
– 12 Best Entertainment Apps – PC World
– Essential Driving App –
– Best News App – Best App Ever Awards
– Best Mobile News App – Webby’s People’s Voice Award
– Top 75 Android Apps – PC Magazine
– Top 5 Podcast Apps – Mashable

Latest Updates


+ Minimize Cellular Data setting for customers with limited data plans.

+ Longer timeouts for slower networks.

Please contact with any questions or feedback!


Stitcher Radio for Podcasts 2017

Download Stitcher Radio for Podcasts for Android

Download Stitcher Radio for Podcasts APK for Android

Stitcher Radio for Podcasts screenshot

Stitcher Radio for Podcasts screenshot 0Stitcher Radio for Podcasts screenshot 1Stitcher Radio for Podcasts screenshot 2Stitcher Radio for Podcasts screenshot 3Stitcher Radio for Podcasts screenshot 4Stitcher Radio for Podcasts screenshot 5Stitcher Radio for Podcasts screenshot 6Stitcher Radio for Podcasts screenshot 7Stitcher Radio for Podcasts screenshot 8Stitcher Radio for Podcasts screenshot 9Stitcher Radio for Podcasts screenshot 10Stitcher Radio for Podcasts screenshot 11

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Download Best Singapore Radios lastest version for Android

download Best Singapore Radios apk
download Best Singapore Radios apk

Enjoy the best of Singapore radios from anywhere in the world. Best Singapore Radios is offered by Sqgy Apps. Last Updated: December 06, 2016. Current Version: 3.2.39

Listen to all Singapore radio channels via internet streaming with your phones and tablets from where ever you are.

Includes radio channels from Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand and Taiwan.

Note: If radio stops playing when it’s in background, make sure this power saving feature is disabled:
Battery – Power saving mode – Restrict all background data

– short buffering time
– auto reconnect when disconnected
– auto off when phone rings or making calls
– shows schedule, song info and album art if available
– sleep/wakeup timer
– recording and playback
– volume booster
– free (ad supported)

MediaCorp channels:
938 Life
987 FM
Capital 95.8FM
Class 95FM
Gold 90.5FM
Love 97.2FM
Lush 99.5FM
Oli 96.8FM
Ria 89.7FM
Symphony 92.4FM
Warna 94.2FM
Yes 93.3FM

SPH Channels:
Hot FM913
Kiss 92FM
UFM 100.3

Safra Channels:
Jia 88.3FM
Power 98FM

Bible Witness
Radio 973

What’s New

1. Fixed: wakeup timer and crash errors

2. Fixed: notification buttons not showing (android 7)

3. New: shows album art image if available

Note: If player stops after a few seconds try these:

– disable power saving or

– make sure power saving doesn’t disable WIFI/3g/4g

– reinstall


Best Singapore Radios 2017

Best Singapore Radios APK

Download Best Singapore Radios

Download Best Singapore Radios APK

Best Singapore Radios for Android

Download Best Singapore Radios for Android

Download Best Singapore Radios APK for Android

Best Singapore Radios 3.2.39 screenshot

Best Singapore Radios screenshot 0Best Singapore Radios screenshot 1Best Singapore Radios screenshot 2Best Singapore Radios screenshot 3Best Singapore Radios screenshot 4Best Singapore Radios screenshot 5Best Singapore Radios screenshot 6Best Singapore Radios screenshot 7Best Singapore Radios screenshot 8Best Singapore Radios screenshot 9Best Singapore Radios screenshot 10Best Singapore Radios screenshot 11Best Singapore Radios screenshot 12Best Singapore Radios screenshot 13Best Singapore Radios screenshot 14Best Singapore Radios screenshot 15Best Singapore Radios screenshot 16Best Singapore Radios screenshot 17Best Singapore Radios screenshot 18Best Singapore Radios screenshot 19

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:

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