Download Sonos Controller for Android APK lastest version for Android

Sonos Controller for Android apk
Sonos Controller for Android apk

All the Music on Earth. In every room. Wirelessly. Sonos Controller for Android is offered by Sonos, Inc. Last Updated: December 06, 2016. Current Version: 7.0

Sonos is a smart system of HiFi wireless speakers and audio components. It unites your digital music collection in one app that you control from any device.

Feel the music come to life when you immerse yourself in Sonos sound. Hear every song as it was meant to be heard and every instrument as if you were in the studio or the front row.

Use your smartphone, tablet or computer to stream different songs in each room, group rooms together, or hear the same beat everywhere.

Listen to all the music you love, no matter where it lives. Imagine your music library, music services and more than 100,000 free radio stations, podcasts and shows blasting off the walls of every room.

No rewiring. No complex programming. Place your Sonos speaker anywhere in the house and connect to your home WiFi network with an intuitive mobile app. Build a house of sound, one room at time, and control your entire home audio system from your phone or tablet.

What’s New

Play music from Spotify straight to Sonos, Trueplay tuning for home theater, and more.


Sonos Controller for Android 2017

Sonos Controller for Android 7.0 screenshot

Sonos Controller for Android screenshot 0Sonos Controller for Android screenshot 1Sonos Controller for Android screenshot 2Sonos Controller for Android screenshot 3Sonos Controller for Android screenshot 4Sonos Controller for Android screenshot 5Sonos Controller for Android screenshot 6Sonos Controller for Android screenshot 7

Sonos Controller for Android apk video

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Songtive: Compose on Walk lastest version by Songtive

Songtive: Compose on Walk apk
Songtive: Compose on Walk apk

Songwriting & composing tool. Social Network. Chord Progression Builder. Songtive: Compose on Walk is offered by Songtive. Last Updated: December 06, 2016. Current Version: 2.6.126

Songtive is a songwriting tool, band and social network for musicians of all levels. Songtive allows you to compose, experiment with arrangements for songs provided by the Songtive community or songs you have created yourself. It helps you to organize your favorite songs and chord charts, and to share them with your friends.
It’s easy to use other users’ styles or drumsets for your own songs. Just choose your style (or styles) and Songtive will do the rest. For greater flexibility, you can create drumsets and attach them to your song, with different drumsets and styles for intro, outro, and the start/end of particular sections.
Choosing a style does not restrict you to one instrument. You can create styles to play flute for only the root note of song chords, adding another style to play arpeggiated chord.
Song Editor helps you to quickly find chords and set alternative names for them. If you don’t see the correct alternative chord name, just send us your request and we’ll add it at the next update.

You can use Songitve for lots of different ways – you can practice a song with the help of guitar & piano chords. You can create arrangements and use it as electronic accompany band or just use Songtive to compose a unique ringtone by exporting your composed music/songs as MP3 files.

See our video tutorials to better understand Songtive’s flexibility:

Songtive Features:

• You can create, compose, accompany your own song/music and attach custom styles/drumsets. Songtive will do the rest
• Unlimited number of styles/drumsets
• Unlimited ways to use custom accompaniment created by you
• Wide set of instruments including: Piano, Guitar, Bass, Viola, Acoustic Guitar, Flute, Cello and others
• Convert your song, plus accompaniment, to MIDI/MP3 file or to use it as ringtone.
• Store your songs in Songtive cloud
• Songtive has read-only web access, allowing you to share your song/music with friends using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or use the embed mode to embed it into your blog
• Flexible mixer to allow mute, solo or specific styles/drumsets in your song
• Share your records via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.
• Change tempo, key signature, time signature, keys and instruments
• Guitar chords
• Piano chords

Enjoy, and stay tuned for more updates. This is only the beginning!

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What’s New

Fixed crash related to multiple storages (thanks to Frederik L.)

Improved notation engine.

Other minor improvements.

Community Forum:


Songtive: Compose on Walk APK

Download Songtive: Compose on Walk

Download Songtive: Compose on Walk APK

Songtive: Compose on Walk for Android

Download Songtive: Compose on Walk for Android

Download Songtive: Compose on Walk APK for Android

Songtive: Compose on Walk 2.6.126 screenshot

Songtive: Compose on Walk screenshot 0Songtive: Compose on Walk screenshot 1Songtive: Compose on Walk screenshot 2Songtive: Compose on Walk screenshot 3Songtive: Compose on Walk screenshot 4Songtive: Compose on Walk screenshot 5Songtive: Compose on Walk screenshot 6Songtive: Compose on Walk screenshot 7Songtive: Compose on Walk screenshot 8Songtive: Compose on Walk screenshot 9Songtive: Compose on Walk screenshot 10

Songtive: Compose on Walk apk video

Download apk file:

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Download Music Speed Changer APK Updating… for Android

download Music Speed Changer apk
download Music Speed Changer apk

Change the speed and pitch of your music and other audio, independently. Music Speed Changer is offered by Single Minded Productions, LLC. Last Updated: December 06, 2016. Current Version: Updating…

The most downloaded time stretching and pitch shifting app in the Play store, now with élastique engine for professional sound quality.

Music Speed Changer allows you to change the speed of audio files on your device in real time without affecting the pitch, or change the pitch without changing the speed. Alternatively, both speed and pitch may be adjusted together. The app is a music looper as well – you can slow down song speed and loop sections of the music for easy practice. Another feature is the ability to reverse audio (play the music backwards).

You can also save the adjusted audio to an MP3 (.mp3) audio file for sharing with friends or listening in another player.

Music Speed Changer is great for musicians practicing an instrument needing to slow down the tempo, speeding up audio books for faster listening, making nightcore or just rocking out to your favorite song at 130%.

Notice for Google Play Music users: Google places DRM on songs purchased through Google Play Music. Your songs purchased in that app will not be visible in Music Speed Changer (or any other music player). A simple way around this is to download the purchased songs through the Google Play Music desktop browser app, then transfer the downloaded .mp3 file to your Android device.

If you have any problems, questions or feature requests, please visit our website at

-Pitch shifting- change song pitch up or down 24 semi-tones, with fractional semi-tones allowed.
-Time stretching – change audio speed from 10% to 500% of original speed (change BPM of music).
-Utilizes professional quality time stretching and pitch shifting engine (élastique efficient V3 by zplane.development), better sound quality than all other similar apps.
-Rate adjustment – change the pitch and tempo of the audio together.
-Will open just about any audio file format known to humans, send an email if you find one it can’t, I can probably add support.
-Music looper – seamlessly loop audio sections and practice over and over (AB repeat player).
-Advanced looping feature – move the loop to the next or previous measure or set of measures with the touch of a button after the perfect loop is captured.
-Reverse music (play backwards). Decode the secret message or learn a passage backwards and forwards.
-Playlist – add folder or album to the playlist and add/remove individual tracks.
-Great for making Nightcore.
-Open audio files from your device’s storage, or from the cloud.
-Export your adjustments to an MP3 (.mp3) file for sharing or playing in another music player.
-Save an altered version of the whole track or only the captured loop section (excellent for making weird ringtones).
-Modern material design UI and simple to use.
-Light and dark themes.
-Completely free and no restrictions on this music speed controller.
-No waiting for your local audio file to decode, instant playback and instant audio speed and pitch adjustment. Slow down audio speed or change music pitch instantly for common audio types.

This app uses élastique efficient V3 by zplane.development for time stretching and pitch shifting.
This app is superpowered with Superpowered SDK.

What’s New


-The open button now adds all of the local audio files in the folder, or all of the tracks in an album to a playlist. Playlist supports drag to rearrange and swipe to remove. There is also a button to add single or multiple tracks to the playlist.

-Added skip next/previous buttons to change tracks.

-Added dark theme option.

-Added option to display the link tempo/pitch button in the player.


Music Speed Changer 2017

Music Speed Changer for Android

Download Music Speed Changer for Android

Download Music Speed Changer APK for Android

Music Speed Changer Updating… screenshot

Music Speed Changer screenshot 0Music Speed Changer screenshot 1Music Speed Changer screenshot 2Music Speed Changer screenshot 3Music Speed Changer screenshot 4Music Speed Changer screenshot 5Music Speed Changer screenshot 6Music Speed Changer screenshot 7

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Siam Radio lastest version for Android

Siam Radio download
Siam Radio download

Siam Radio is collection Broadcast Radio of Thailand Country. Siam Radio is offered by PaTin. Last Updated: December 06, 2016. Current Version: 9.1

Siam Radio is collection Broadcast Radio of Thailand Country.
Now more than 250 radio stations ready for listening.
8 Category
Bangkok , Internet, Northern, Northeastern, Eastern, Central, Southern, Foreign

When you select item of radio station for Listen,
Application will play sound automatically.
(another case can play/stop sound directly)
Internet connection by Wifi DSL suggest.

– Play in background
– Mute sound when Call coming
– Top Hit 20 Of Siam Radio
– Support Horizontal view
– Setting for close app


Request for add station or comment Leave a message


สยามเรดิโอ เป็น การรวบรวมสถานีวิทยุของประเทศไทย
ปัจจุบันมีสถานี้วิทยุ มากกว่า 250 สถานี พร้อมที่จะให้เลือกฟังได้
แบ่งเป็นหมวดหมู่ดังนี้ คือ
กรุงเทพฯ, อินเตอร์เน็ต, ภาคเหนือ, ภาคตะวันออกเฉียงเหนือ, ภาคตะวันออก, ภาคกลาง, ภาคใต้, ต่างประเทศ

เมื่อต้องการฟังวิทยุให้เลือกที่ช่องสถานีแล้ว แอปพลิเคชันจะทำการเปิดสถานีให้
กรณีที่ต้องการปิดเสียงหรือต้องการให้เล่นอีกครั้ง ก็สามารถทำได้โดยเลือกที่ปุ่ม Start/Stop ได้
แนะนำ ให้ใช้งานผ่านทาง อินเตอร์เน็ต ADSL (Wifi)

– ซ่อนการทำงาน แล้วสามารถเปิดโปรแกรมอื่นได้
– ปิดเสียงเมื่อมีเสียงเรียกเข้า
– สถานีฮิต 20 อันดับแรกของสยามเรดิโอ
– สามารถเปิดในแนวนอนได้
– ตั้งเวลาปิดได้

Example of Station
ตัวอย่างของ มีสถานีดังนี้ มีดังต่อไปนี้

– กรุงเทพฯ (Bangkok) 46 Station
87.5 MHz วิทยุรัฐสภา
88 MHz วิทยุฯภาคภาษาต่างประเทศ
88.25 MHz คลื่นใจมวลชน
88.75 MHz คลื่นวัฒนธรรม
89 MHz Chill
89.25 MHz สังฆทานธรรม
89.5 MHz Sweet FM
89.75 MHz MOL Radio
91 MHz สวพ.
92.25 MHz คลื่นประชาธิปไตย
92.5 MHz วิทยุฯแห่งชาติ
93 MHz Cool FM
93.5 MHz Yes Radio
94 MHz EFM
95 MHz ลูกทุ่งมหานคร
95.5 MHz Virgin Hitz
95.75 MHz เลเบอร์ เรดิโอ
96 MHz Sport Radio
96.5 MHz คลื่นความคิด
97 MHz สถานีข่าวคุณภาพ
97.5 MHz Seed FM
98.75 MHz ตรีนิตี้แฟมิลีเรดิโอ
99 MHz Active Radio
100 MHz จส.100
100.5 MHz สถานีข่าว
101 MHz RR ONE
101.5 MHz วิทยุจุฬาฯ
102.25 MHz แสงธรรมส่องชีวิต
102.5 MHz Get
103.0 MHz Like FM
103.5 MHz FM One
104.5 MHz FaT Radio
105 MHz วิทยุไทย
105.25 MHz เสียงศิลปิน
105.5 MHz Eazy FM
106 MHz วิทยุครอบครัวข่าว
106.5 MHz Greenwave
107 MHz Met FM
A.M. 819 kHz วิทยุฯเพื่อการถ่ายทอดเสียง
A.M. 837 kHz วิทยุแห่งความรอบรู้เพื่อผู้ฟัง
A.M. 891 kHz วิทยุฯแห่งชาติ
A.M. 918 kHz วิทยุฯภาคภาษาอาเซียน
A.M. 1143 kHz คลื่นเพื่อนร่วมทาง
A.M. 1494 kHz คลื่นความรู้คู่คุณธรรม
ThaiPBS Radio Online

– อินเตอร์เน็ต(Internet) 26 station
Big FM
หมอลำซิ่ง ออนไลน์
ลูกทุ่ง หมอลำ
มายฮาร์ทมิวสิค ดีเจนนท์ เมืองนคร
บ้านมหา ดอทคอม
Amulet Radio
ฟัง ฟัง ฟัง
CoverDD Radio
Thai Buzz
MerciGod Radio
ICT Esan Radio
Radio Society
M Radio
Ondio เพลงเก่า
Ondio เพลงใหม่
OK Love
OK ลูกทุ่ง

– ต่างประเทศ(Foreign) 15 station
BBC World Service
NPR News
Dance Hits
Abacus fm OTR Goon Show
Vocal Trance
IDOBI network
98FM Dublin Best Music
Chinese Music World – Chinese
Plush898 – Chinese
Gensokyo Radio – Japanese
Armitage’s Dimension – Japanese

– ภาคเหนือ(Northern) 48 station

– ภาคตะวันออกเฉียงเหนือ(Northeastern) 51 station

– ภาคตะวันออก(Eastern) 22 station

– ภาคกลาง(Central) 10 station

– ภาคใต้(Southern) 51 station


Latest Updates

– ตั้งเวลาปิดอัตโนมัติ

– กดค้างเพื่อทำการเพิ่มและลบ favorite channel.


Siam Radio 2017

Siam Radio 9.1 screenshot

Siam Radio screenshot 0Siam Radio screenshot 1Siam Radio screenshot 2Siam Radio screenshot 3Siam Radio screenshot 4Siam Radio screenshot 5

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Download Liveway Radio APK 7.04 by Liveway Productions

Liveway Radio apk
Liveway Radio apk

Reaching the world with Goodnews…liveway all the way. Liveway Radio is offered by Liveway Productions. Last Updated: December 06, 2016. Current Version: 7.04

Liveway Radio is your 24 hours non stop christian broadcasting station, to help you stay spiritually fit and up to date in your walk with the Lord. Liveway Radio keeps you in His presence all day long with inspirational Gospel music, edifying programs / discuss and powerful messages from our daddy in the Lord; Pastor E. A. Adeboye and other anointed ministers of God. Liveway Radio is available for your convenience on diverse platforms. This app gives you the benefit of listening mobile at the height of convenience. You can also listen to Liveway Radio by visiting our website via as well as on Alternatively, you can also listen to Liveway Radio by calling in for free on your phone, from North America and Canada to 2134930149. For free to the UK: 0330 332 6390. You can also call in to Nigeria number (@ carrier cost) on 014405264


Liveway Radio 2017

Download Liveway Radio for Android

Download Liveway Radio APK for Android

Liveway Radio 7.04 screenshot

Liveway Radio screenshot 0Liveway Radio screenshot 1

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Download Baby Melody Box [Free] 4.0 by RAINTRACE for Android

Baby Melody Box [Free] apk
Baby Melody Box [Free] apk

Music Box smart phone app for toddler, baby, kid, Children. Baby Melody Box [Free] is offered by RAINTRACE. Last Updated: December 06, 2016. Current Version: 4.0

Music Box smart phone app for toddler, baby, kid, Children.

Toddlers can easily handle even the most simple interface that is produced.

A variety of popular and classical music, this app is built.

Toddlers listening to music can be relaxing atmosphere.

Baby Melody box will be installed free of charge, there is no additional cost.

It can be used without an Internet connection.

You or the toddler using the app outside of the home price or LTE, 3G DATA charges do not occur.

Toddler may use this alone is designed to be relieved.


1.Turkish March [Mozart]
2.Nocturne No.2 [Chopin]
3.Impromptus No.3 [Schubert]
4.Little Dog Waltz [Chopin]
5.Lonely Flower [Schumann]
6.Minuet – From the Notebook [Anna Magdalena Bach]
7.Spring Sonata, 1st Movement [Beethoven]
8.Symphony, 2nd Movement [Beethoven]
9.The seasons – june [Tchaikovsky]
10.Traumerai [Schumann]

What’s New

bug fix


Baby Melody Box [Free] 2017

Download Baby Melody Box [Free]

Download Baby Melody Box [Free] APK

Baby Melody Box [Free] for Android

Download Baby Melody Box [Free] for Android

Download Baby Melody Box [Free] APK for Android

Baby Melody Box [Free] 4.0 screenshot

Baby Melody Box [Free] screenshot 0Baby Melody Box [Free] screenshot 1Baby Melody Box [Free] screenshot 2Baby Melody Box [Free] screenshot 3Baby Melody Box [Free] screenshot 4Baby Melody Box [Free] screenshot 5Baby Melody Box [Free] screenshot 6Baby Melody Box [Free] screenshot 7

See detail information:

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Radsone lastest version by RADSONE Inc.

Radsone apk
Radsone apk

Experience genuine quality sound the easiest way. Radsone is offered by RADSONE Inc.. Last Updated: December 06, 2016. Current Version: 5.0.6

Feel the awesome sound in your music with Radsone app!
Music listens completely new by Radsone; exact sound image, every details rise up to the life which you never heard before. Now sit at ease and enjoy what each producer intended you to experience.

The genuine quality player every music lovers have been waiting for.
No compromise in sound quality; Most care for quality sound. Unlikely artificial effects such as EQ and Surround, Radsone only eliminates digital artifacts.

“Compared to a standard player – heaven and earth” by Rolling Stone
“No matter of using earbuds, good headphones or in car – this app can deliver much more pleasure listening to my tunes!” by Prezio

– Optimized UX for HD, QHD screen resolutions
– Hi-Resolution audio playback up to 24bit resolution/192KHz sampling
– Full functionalities including wireless (BT), remote control
– Optimized for low battery consumption
– Playlist edit support
– Non comparable sound quality by Distinctive Clear Technology(TM)
– 3 optimized sounds according to listening environments (headphone/earphone,car,speaker)

Radsone app provides all features as a general music player for free. It has following in-app items.
1. DCT Engine ($2.99)
DCT Engine is Radsone proprietary digital noise elimination processing, the core feature of this app can be used for 5 days for free. After that time, a pop-up window will be displayed every 5 minute to inform in-app purchase. If you purchase, there will be no pop-up. Thanks.

2. GEQ ($1.99)
GEQ is Radsone proprietary professional Graphical EQualizer, an additional feature of this app can be used for 5 days for free. After that time, a pop-up window will be displayed every 5 minute to inform in-app purchase. If you purchase, there will be no pop-up. Thanks.

– Android: JellyBean or over

– Like us on Facebook:
– Follow us on Twitter:

What’s New

Application restart error fix


Radsone 2017

Radsone APK

Download Radsone

Download Radsone APK

Radsone for Android

Download Radsone for Android

Download Radsone APK for Android

Radsone 5.0.6 screenshot

Radsone screenshot 0Radsone screenshot 1Radsone screenshot 2Radsone screenshot 3Radsone screenshot 4Radsone screenshot 5Radsone screenshot 6Radsone screenshot 7

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